Samsung S6 Unlocked GSM 32GB (S&D)

I purchased one these for my husband for Christmas the last time they had them and it was the smartest buy I’ve made in a while!

Just had the tiniest little pinhole “scratches”…you can’t even really call them that, at the top of the phone where a case would cover it anyway. I don’t think anyone would even notice them if they didn’t know to look.

The phone works great, he had no problems getting our service switched over, the cost is easily half of what you’ll find for refurbished S6s from the phone carriers.

Anyone know what the build number is with these? The build number is listed with the model number: Apps → Settings → About device → Model number


I just got mine in the mail and it was G920TUVS4EPH2. I wanted to use it on Republic Wireless, but sadly that build number isn’t available for use. The phone itself is in excellent condition. If you didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t have known it wasn’t brand new.

Thank you for your post… You have saved me from suffering the same fate! =)

As a rule, I think this link should be included in all phone woots: