Samsung S6 Unlocked GSM (S&D)

Any reason why this wouldn’t work on republic wireless network that anyone can think of?

Can anyone confirm that this model does indeed use all of T-Mobile’s frequencies? Thank you!

EDIT: Nevermind, I found that one of the models is specifically the SM-G920T (for T-Mobile) =)

Which model is specific to Tmobile?

what is the condition of these, are they in decent shape?

The Samsung S6 just arrived. it is definitely used, with dink marks on the side, minor scratches on the face. The worst part is the home (fingerprint) pad is scratched up. Fingerprint feature does not work. How do I return it and get refunded back, or get replacement with a newer, functional unit?

I’m sorry to hear about the fingerprint reader. If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance.

No they are fraudulently selling as refurbished and they are not. They are not disassembling correctly and testing each part to be within factory spec. They didn’t even clean the usb port run!

Uh oh! Please send this info (with pictures if possible) to Customer Service.

I submitted a request for an exchange. How do I send photo to you? Thanks.

Upload the photos to Send a link to your photos via the CS form or to Make sure you include your order number.

I’m quite happy with this phone. Some heavy wear on the charging port, but over all very good condition. Screen had many very very light scratches, but they are not noticeable at all with the screen on. I was worried about the “scratch and Dent”, but very happy. Works well with AT&T.

No thanks. How about you send me a refurbished phone your selling. Both I have received have screen burn which means the screen was not tested burn found and screen replaced. Battery life sucks so I assume the same of the battery. Shameful what has happened to woot.

I’ve had great experience with Woot until this purchase!

  • Phone arrived defective (scratched up so bad finger reading feature did not work)

  • Customer service first suggested that I sent back unit at my own expense. I refused so they sent me a shipping label.

  • Sent it back, now I just received the refund, after an “adjustment” fee of $40.25. For what?

Why do you charge me $40.25 after sending me a defective product and wasting my time with it?

Ugh! :frowning:

I’m not staff, but I’ll see about poking one later this morning to address this.

Hey there! Sorry about the problem. I contacted CS and they had already refunded you the remaining amount.