Samsung S7 Edge VZW/GSM Unlocked (S&D)

So bear with me people: could I take the SIM card out of my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 that I currently use on the Verizon network and slap it into this S7 and boom! I’m off to the races? Is there more to it than that? I know diddly jack squat bupkiss about any of this, therefore my question. :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!

Useful information: “AT&T and T-Mobile use bands 2, 4, 12 and 17 for LTE. Of those bands, the Verizon S7/S7 Edge only supports bands 2 and 4. So while a Verizon S7/S7 Edge will work on AT&T and T-Mobile, it will be falling back on 3G and HSPA+ quite often. A buyer should be made aware that while it will work, it may not work in the same way as a device from their carrier or an unlocked device would.” from

Yeah, you would use the Verizon Wireless website to register the new Device ID and backup any contacts, texts, etc., but it should be quite easy. Check out Verizon Wireless’ site on activating a new device.

No. The S5 uses a MicroSIM and the S7 uses the smaller NanoSIM. Your local Verizon store SHOULD clone your SIM to the proper size card for you if you ask, or you can buy a SIM card cutter and cut the card down to size (the only difference is size of the plastic card, the actual circuitry is the same.)

Are the specs listed accurate? This lists way more bands than I can find listed for the SM-G935V anywhere. Are they correct, or are they for the wrong model? Perhaps SM-G935U?

Does this work on Sprint?

Will this work with my Mac?

Android phones are not compatible with iTunes, if that’s what you’re asking.

Question: This model is the 935 V. Republic Wireless Bring-Your-Own-Phone wants the 935 U.

This would be great for my wife, but I think the V vs. U is significant here. Am I correct in playing it safe this won’t satisfy Republic Wireless?

FYI, this is a troll question. On almost every item sold here, SOMEONE will ask if it is compatible with a Mac. It will even get asked on a Mac!

…congratulations, you were trolled!

It says “unlocked” in the description.

Do yourself a big favor and skip this phone. The curved glass is weak and cracks easily. My screen is full of hairline cracks. The phone has never been out of a case and ive never dropped it. But the pressure from being in my pocket with keys had cracked it in 3 spots around the edges.

I picked one up on the last scratch and dent. I could not find any blemishes or issues with the system once received. I don’t think I can talk about durability after owning it for only a few weeks, but so far so good in an Otter Defender case. I started service with Verizon online without issue, even porting in my number from Virgin.

He was just being snarky

sold out now

Hey guys I just got my phone in the mail. I’m noticing pretty bad screen burn in from the previous user, notably from the keyboard on the bottom 1/2 and from the status bar on the top. Is there anyway to fix this I don’t want to have to return my new phone. Other than that the physical phone is in very good condition.
Thank you.

Found this online, see if it helps?



Screen Burn Fix

If it doesn’t help, you might wanna email

Got the phone yesterday, it arrived ON! (weird). Flashed the newest T-Mobile image for this phone, and now I have a T-Mobile Samsung S7 Edge with wifi calling and all the T-mobile updates. (at Android 7).

Very happy! Auto-updates and everything.