Samsung S7 (Multiple Carriers)(S&D)

Samsung S7 (Multiple Carriers)(S&D)

On these 2 models, are they the single or dual SIM versions???

Which one of these versions will work on the Sprint network as they are my current carrier?

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Has the battery been replaced? Is the charging port in good shape?

“scratched and dented” always worries me. How bad is the scratched and dented? Is it worth getting one?

At this price I’m pretty sure these are going to look like they were dragged around behind the carrier before delivery.

I git one of these a month ago and am pleased with it. It did have some moderate wear, the screen cleaned up once i put a tempered glass cover over the screen, and the button has a some wear with regard to the color which has no effect on how it works. for 100 $ im happy…I use straight talk, and previously had a phone on sprint through them…just changed the sim to a generic Verizon sim and they ported my number no issues.

What do you expect for a $100 used cell phone from 2016?

T-Mobile is accepting S7’s for $400 towards an S10. So if you’re planning on buying an S10; then this is a $110 way to save $400 on that purchase from T-Mobile.


Great phone for a little more than a C-note. However, if the battery has not been replaced, it’s a waste of time and money.

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multiple carriers but who knows what you will get. last time i bought a “unlocked” GSM phone from woot it was locked to T-mobile…not my carrier so had to return it.

I do not know for sure but it appears that T-Mobile is not crazy. I find $37 as the trade in value.
Your trade-in estimate: $37
Samsung SM-G930V Galaxy S7 32GB Black - Verizon

Not clear. Is the G930A model a duel sim that allows additional memory card to be used?

I am going to Ireland and my galaxy S7 isn’t GSM. So can I buy either version of this phone, get a sim card when I get to Ireland and use the phone? I’ll just be using it for a three week trip.

They are all dual sim. You can have a mico sd or two sims.

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Is Bixby on this? If no, I might consider it…

From what I understand, the AT&T and Verizon models mentioned here are both single nano sim versions, each also with a dedicated memory card slot – not a dual purpose slot that can handle a second SIM. Usually with Samsung, it’s only their international, non U.S. models that come with dual sim capability. And the AT&T and Verizon models aren’t those.

Is Bixby on this? If no, I might consider it…

Unfortunately Bixby wasn’t introduced until the S8.

To get the most basic info out of the way - Yes, we’ve purchased scratch and dent phones from Woot and have always had good luck, with the phones being 100% functional with very limited physical wear. I would buy a S&D phone from them again if I needed one.

As for the S7, I have owned an S6 Edge and currently an S9 and all were/are wonderful phones - especially for the prices I paid. Phone brand and model loyalty can lead to some pretty heated discussions, but one thing I have learned from purchasing my Samsung Galaxy phones is that they have always served me well enough that I never felt the need to upgrade to the very next model, even when not purchased new. The S7 is NOT at current flagship phone specs, but it is still very good and has a respectable amount of memory and processing power and a recent (but not the very latest) version of Android that will do everything an ordinary user needs it to do without any embarrassment or causing you too much “phone envy” of your kid’s brand-new S10.

If you are a power-user then keep looking; but if you just need a run-of-the-mill smartphone that is still capable without breaking the bank then this just might be what you are looking for.

Just my two cents worth.


Mine that I bought on here did NOT work in Europe. I had to buy a phone over there.

I, too, have had great luck with woot! D&D Samsung phones. bought 3 so far, and about to buy another one or two.