Samsung S7/S7 Edge Unlocked VZW/GSM S&D

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Samsung S7/S7 Edge Unlocked VZW/GSM S&D
Price: $199.99 - 249.99
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Weird, practically all the benchmarks indicate that the S7 is more powerful than the edge except in battery life because the edge’s battery has a 600mAh higher capacity over the S7, yet the edge costs more. Why?

Are the submodel numbers posted anywhere. Apologies if they are but I can’t find them listed anywhere. here:
Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 edge - specs comparison - PhoneArena

It says they’re basically identical aside from the slightly larger battery, and the Edge has a slightly larger screen (5.5 vs 5.1 inches), probably the edge to edge thing vs the little bezel around the not-Edge. Probably a marketing fee. Same thing that happened with the 8 and 8+.

Didn’t see the sub-models listed either.

I use an S7 Edge connected to Verizon and it has been the best phone I’ve owned. If I didn’t already own one I would be all over this deal. Lot’s of processing power and memory, Qi enabled wireless charging, and a really great screen. My older S6 Edge would only last a day (or less with the Bluetooth turned on) but the battery for the S7 will do 2-3 days before needing a charge depending on usage.

FYI - Android 8 Oreo was recently installed on my phone and it runs great. However, an OS update such as this may be subject to whichever service provider you have. Verizon took their sweet time getting to the S7’s but now that it’s here it appears to be solid.

I got one of these Edges in a previous Woot deal. Verizon does not totally unlock them. The ability to send pictures and videos and the voice messaging functions will not work on At&t and Cricket.

Have you tried updating the APN to AT&T or Cricket? This needs to be changed in order to get these functions to work properly. Here’s the link for the AT&T APN settings:

All of the features you mention can and do work on this phone with ATT. I got mine(Moms phone) working just using Google searches. If you can’t fix yourself just talk to ATT. They will fix everything for you if you like.

Does anyone have one of these running Lineage or another custom ROM with AT&T/Cricket?

I pulled the plug on the S7 Edge the last time they were offered here. I liked the phone, but it was defective because every time I turned the phone off I had to call my carrier to reset phone settings on their end. Samsung agreed that the phone was defective, so I returned it to woot! and picked up the S7 from the mothership. Having used both phones, I can say that I do like the S7 better than the Edge. The bezel-free edge was a bit of a hassle when trying to use the phone one-handed.

I will admit that returning the phone with woot! was very easy and I love the customer service I got here.

Given that this is a Verizon US model, if you go to you will see there is only ONE choice for each submodel:

S7 - SM-G930V (Verizon USA)
S7 Edge - SM-G935V (Verizon-USA)

While I can’t absolutely guarantee that those are the correct model numbers, it’s a good bet those are correct.

I actually spent hours at the Cricket store where the store manager and the District manager worked on it with no success. Went to 2 different Verizon stores they actually tried with no success. Two different AT & T stores, the second store technician said he has seen this before. He said the only true unlocked phones are Apple 5 and up which are unlocked at the factory. That is why Xfinity will currently will only allow you to bring your own Apple phone to join their service.
Woot did refund my phone cost and allow a return.
Wish I has a S7 EDGE!

I have a Samsung S7 Edge - SM-G935V (Verizon-USA) , everything works except, I cannot send pictures, I looks like the phone is buffering, then it says, network not available,but the internet works. anyone knows hot to fix this?
I have AT&T service

I’ll say this again because it bears repeating:

Have you tried changing the APN to AT&T? This needs to be changed in order to get these functions to work properly. Google it and find out a bit about this. Here’s the link for the AT&T APN settings and how to change them:

Not a unlocked phone.

Did you adjust the APN settings for your carrier?