Samsung S7 Unlocked GSM (S&D)

I’m really sorry to hear that. Did you check your email’s spam folder? Sometimes our Customer Service emails get tangled up there.

If you check your spam folder and find that you still didn’t hear back from our CS department, please send me a private message with your order information and I’ll reach out to them and see what went wrong.

Our Return Policy is linked here.

Essentially- if the phone is damaged in any way that makes it dysfunctional for regular use then it is eligible for a return.

“Scratch & Dent” sounds a bit sketch. Scratches on the case is ok but on the glass is a no-go.

If the glass is pristine, I’d be ok with it, as my phones are always in a case with only the glass visable.

Any info about the glass?

I think I’ll pass, it’s too big a gamble as it could come with all the paint peeled off and a broken screen because it still is functional? It could come with a battery that lasts two weeks because when I get it it’s functional.

I do realize you’re the messenger so I am not shooting you. I do thank you for your time and saving me a possible headache.

Just heard back from the vendor- An after-market charger is included.

Accessories will be after-market brand (not Samsung).

Our Return Policy is linked here.

We asked the vendor about this, but he was unable to confirm a specific version which means there will probably be some variation from phone to phone.

Thanks, ive been looking for a phone to switch over to cricket with, (i believe they use the at&t network) and almost bought this one

Do you have a photo of what “scratch & dent” really looks like? For example, are there any scratches on the screen? What about the glass on the back of the device? I’m seriously considering to buy a couple of these today. Thanks!

Can you express ship I need by 6/11

considered that… still an option. I was hoping woot cust/service would be responsive as they have been in the past.

Sorry, we do not have photos of the devices. While the items may have scratches, there shouldn’t be any damage that interferes with the functionality of the device.

I’m sorry. We don’t offer express shipping for this offer.

I bought a S5 scratch and dent last February. Phone looked very well taken cared of. With almost no scratches or dents! Still using til this day.

I got the a t-mobile version, but it was not unlocked! Trying to get this fixed currently.

If republic uses GSM technology, then it should work. T-Mobile and Consumer Cellular, and AT&T use GSM. Consumer Cellular is a MVNO of AT&T

The one I received is not unlocked either. Please let me know what you did to unlock it.

Got mine last evening. Phone looks brand new. NOT UNLOCKED is T-Mobile phone SM-930T, 32gb.

NO it is not and My phone is now bricked with ATT service. They say still Locked by T-Moble and they will not unlock

Did you change the APN settings?

Here’s a broad article. You can google APN and Samsung S7 for more specific info.

AT&T Article