Samsung S7 Unlocked Sprint/GSM (S&D)

Has anyone bought a Scratch & Dent phone from here before?
The description of “minor” scratches on the screen…could be a deal breaker.

The description conspicuously leaves out Verizon as a compatible carrier, but the “Will this phone work with my carrier?” link says it’ll work on Verizon. Whats the deal?

Per our vendor, it’s a Sprint phone that is unlocked for GSM.

will this “gsm” phone work right on AT&T? Asking for a friend…

Isn’t this the phone that keeps blowing up?

Uhm, no.

Per the title, this phone is “Compatible with Sprint; AT&T; T-Mobile”

We bought one the last time these were up – like a week ago. It looked no worse than my one-year old phone when it arrived, some minor scratches on the screen and corner, but overall was fine. It says “Sprint” on the startup splash screen, but I checked the IMEI when I received it, and it is now being used on the AT&T network. I’d buy again.

I bought a Sprint unlocked phone in August. I had issues with PRL and PROFILE updates that resulted in a message that said it could not connect to a data network. As a result I could not send attachments through mms. As a result I have replaced the phone. I would be very careful with SPRINT unlocked phones.

I second this and would also like to know if its compatible with Verizon. I tried going straight to Verizon to see if its compatible ( but need the the IMEI, ESN, or MEID number to find out if its compatible.

It is not compatible with Verizon.

According to this phone is compatible with Verizon

That is incorrect.

I tried to activate it on Tracfone network using the Tracfone nano sim (AT&T network) and could not do so. I am thinking that the phone is not completely unlocked… I will post an update if i have a solution or if i will be returning the phone.

anybody knows if work with boostmobile?

In the features section the first line says
“Will this phone work with my carrier? Let’s find out! CLICK HERE”
Go there and click on it.

I would never guess that this is a scratch & dent phone, it looks brand new. However, it did not come with any accessories other than the charging cable and adapter. No pin for opening the sim/msd tray and no usb adapter to transfer data. And of course it had no sim card but I expected that being that it’s an unlocked phone and could be used on a number of carriers.

T-Mobile Users: NOT wifi calling compatible.

It did not work with Tracfone. This is confirmed after working with Tracfone tech support