Samsung S7 Unlocked Sprint/GSM (S&D)

These are under $300 on ebay, non-refurbished?!

I can’t find an S7 that’s cheaper than this unlocked on eBay.

Be careful buying a Sprint unlocked phone. They will NOT work on Sprint. In addition, there is firmware on the Sprint phone that causes issues when used on other networks. Google “unable to establish wireless data network”. I bought one of these phones and then had to sell it because it would not work properly on my carrier (Rogers Wireless in Canada).

Anyone else find it odd that a few weeks after selling these “Grade A Refurbished” they all of a sudden have S&D models? Probably all returns from the ones that weren’t really “Grade A”!

Bought two S6 last week to use on my Sprint plan. I was told both phones were used on other carriers and that they couldn’t be used on Sprint. That sucked


It did work for Sprint after they told me it didnt. check your IMEI on Swappa to make sure it works with your carrier, dont listen to what carriers tell you

Be careful, I bought a note 4 two month ago, they sent me a black list phone (IMEI# is block). It took me more than a month to get my money back (wast too much time).I used other account, and it’s Order #56733030.

Any way to find out which android is on this phone? Is there any point in getting a phone that will take an SD card unless it has marshmallow?

It can vary unit to unit based on whether the previous owner updated it. It launched with Marshmallow (6.0.1) according to my Google-fu.

I do not see a purchase of a phone on this account.

In rare cases, a phone’s IMEI number may come up as blocked. Our CS can get with the vendor to help you remedy this situation.