Samsung S7 Unlocked Sprint/GSM (S&D)

Aw fudgebuckle. I’m not going to have $352+tax+shipping free on my credit card until a payment goes through on Monday :frowning:

So I’ve never bought a secondhand phone so fellow wooters I ask you:

Any reason this wouldn’t activate on an existing sprint SERO premium line?

Any recourse if it won’t? I’m used to woot’s (in their words) “extremely limited warranty”, but I don’t know if woot considers being unable to connect it to an existing Sprint account as a “defect or malfunction in products sold with a Woot warranty.”



SPRINT phones do not support TETHERED HOTSPOT as default. At least the unlocked S6 I have does not. Infact, to get this feature I had to “root” (jailbreak) the phone…

If you use HOTSPOT then you need to research this.

It is VERY specific to the exact phone model (example: Samsung SM-G930P)

Because it says (in the title) that it will work with the Sprint network, if you run into any trouble getting it to function on that network it is considered a defect. We allow returns for defective products. The only thing I want to warn you about is our general inability to do exchanges. You could certainly return the product to us for a refund, but you might have to wait for a future sale to purchase a replacement. Hope that helps!

BEWARE! It says this works on other networks - it kinda sorta sometimes does. But mostly it does NOT. It constantly drops connection to the network, and I missed numerous calls and texts not knowing it dropped the connection. We purchased one last time they were up and finally threw in the towel and got a different phone, so the one I purchased from Woot is a paperweight. The phone itself is fine, and I bet it would work seamlessly on Sprint, but that’s not my network. I wouldn’t purchase again.

I am VERY unhappy with the Note 4 I got here…battery only lasts a few hours (even a New one)…the phone Constantly Freezes and Restarts or just goes Black and Dead!
Never Again!!

I had to go in and update some settings for my texting and calls to work properly. I Googled the settings. After that, it worked fine.

Completely agree. This phone is “compatible” with AT&T if you only want 3G service. Won’t work on AT&T’s LTE network. The Sprint nagware will always pop up, too.