Samsung S7 Unlocked Sprint/GSM (S&D)

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Samsung S7 Unlocked Sprint/GSM (S&D)
Price: $309.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Mar 15 to Monday, Mar 20) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Will this work for Sprint Pre-paid plans?

Anyone know if this will work on Boost mobile?

Go to this link for info…

Will this work with my AT&T plan?

This phone DOES NOT WORK on AT&T, no matter what the compatibility says. Bought one and it constantly lost the network, missed calls, becomes unresponsive. Once the AT&T card is removed, it’s fine. I would not recommend this at all.

If I was consideRing thing phone I’d buy from Swappa. Also, Sprint is CDMA if you do get thks working for GSM, don’t expect much…

Will this work with Ting?

Does it come with a fire extinguisher?

Can anyone tell me if this phone will work with Republic Wireless?? Thanks in advance!

*Update: *I contacted Republic Wireless, they said it would NOT work. Has to be the SM-G930U model.

I am looking to buy this for a family member on T-Mobile, I know it is compatible with the network. But will this phone have issues with firmware updating and other similar things? Their last phone was an unlocked Verizon phone (worked with the T-Mobile SIM card), and we encountered a lot of issues. Would not like to experience that again!

Did you set the APN settings?

Please note: You will need to adjust the APN settings on the phone to match your specific carrier’s settings. Please visit for step by step instructions.

Wrong product. :tongue:

Can you post the full model number for this phone?

Thank you!!

It will likely work on AT&T but not as well as an AT&T device. Looking at the specs on the opening page it doesn’t have band 17 (AT&T’s 700 band and their primary LTE band). Meaning if you are inside buildings you will have trouble and in some places without redundant frequencies you won’t get LTE coverage.

TMobile should not be a problem though. It has all of their frequencies, but it won’t have TMobile’s VOIP or VOLTE support so if that is important to you then you are better off waiting for a TMobile variant.

So beyond all the “will this work with xxxx”, is this a good deal? I am already on sprint and have a note 3 that the gps is no longer working. I want to upgrade.

Yes, updating the APN was the first thing we did.

No. Buy from Swappa.