Samsung S7 Unlocked Sprint/GSM

When on the T-Mobile network will this unlocked model have wifi calling or do I need to purchase this from T-Mobile?

Aren’t these the phones being recalled due to battery fires?

[MOD: NO. That was the Note 7.]

okay I CANT be the only one who thinks that the “gold” phones look like they’ve been on fire. Woot could not have done this by accident. HILARIOUS!

These are not the ones that catch fire/explode. Those are the oversized s7 NOTES, this is the regular model.

For anyone who cares:
Samsung has two ‘flagship’ phone models. The S series and the Note series. The NOTE7 is the one which had the fire issue. The S7 has not had such issues. Also, many of the new features, which were originally intended for Note7 only, have been added to the S7 in the wake of the Note7 recall.


The Samsung recall applies to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ONLY! The S7 is not subject to the recall.

We would not knowingly sell a recalled device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall

I got excited about the sale, but then saw it wasn’t for Verizon. says it’s compatible, but they also have this note at the bottom:

Certain carriers such as Verizon USA have an “approved list” of devices. This means that although the phone is compatible with the carrier’s network frequencies, the device is blocked.

There is nothing about the pictures that make them look like they’re (or have been) on fire.

Since Metro PCS uses the T-Mobile network, do you suppose this will work with a Metro PCS SIMM card?

Per the vendor: Yes. Wifi calling only works on T-mobile service.

So what’s the answer here. Will Verizon allow this phone on their network or not? Will it work as expected or will it somehow be crippled?

Woot staff, any help here?

If Verizon limits by devices, you’ll need to contact them.

I understand that WiFi calling only works on T-mobile service. But does THIS phone work on T-Mobile WiFi calling? I will not buy a phone that doesn’t have the WiFi calling feature on T-Mobile.

Last month, I bought a Samsung note 4 from this website, but they sent me a black list phone (IMEI# is block). They said it will work for AT&T and T-mobile, but it took two days for T-mobile to investigate why the phone is not working, and also it took so much of my time to make so many phone calls. Please beware this service and please share this message to your friends, so they won’t get involve into the situation like me. Thank you.

[MOD: vinhph2: I do not see a purchase of a phone on this account. Your last purchase was in 2014.]

That was the “Yes” part. :slight_smile:

Since this is the Sprint version, does it come with Sprint’s (unremovable) bloatware installed on it?

Yep, it can’t be removed so it will be there.

They sent me a black list phone, last month,
Here is the email that they sent to me after I talked to them.
Message From Customer Service
Hello there,

I understand your concern regarding the IMEI issue with your phone. We certainly don’t want our customers to experience this.

This has happed due to some error while sorting the items. I’m very sorry about all of this. I hope you’ll consider this an isolated incident and give us another chance in the future."

Does the Sprint version also work with Virgin Mobile, which uses Sprint infrastructure?