Samsung S7 Unlocked Sprint/GSM

Are these refurbished by Samsung or a third party?

3rd party for these. We list “Factory Reconditioned” for the condition, when the manufacturer does the job.

Can the Sprint crapware / bloatware be easily removed or disabled? Does this phone allow tethering?

Beware this service, I bought the Samsung note 4 phone last month, and then they sent me a black list phone (IMEI# is block). Now I still not get my refund back.

[MOD: I do not see this purchase on your account. Pls contact our customer service from the account which you made the purchase.]

Learned my lesson; never buying refurbished Samsung devices again. I received this phone Oct. 28, and as of Jan. 7 (71 days), the top of the phone overheated very rapidly to a scalding temperature and a vertical line is burned into the screen. Now, whenever the screen is on, the top of the phone heats up very quickly to extreme temperatures. I’ve used this phone carefully, run antivirus, do not play games on it, use only messaging apps (Google Hangouts and Kakaotalk), do not watch videos, turned off quick-charge, etc. This was through-and-through a defective phone. Btw, the included charger and cable were defective as well (charger never worked, and the usb cable was so poorly manufactured that the micro usb does not fit in any micro usb ports - tested on multiple devices).