Samsung S7 (VZW/GSM Unlocked)(S&D)

Samsung S7 (VZW/GSM Unlocked)(S&D)

Wow, take the time to read the Amazon reviews, the are a staggeringly high number of really bad experiences with this refurb. Looks like the are multiple refurbishers involved and some are absolutely doing a crap job. I wanted to get an S7 for my wife, but I will skip this offering.

I bought three of these for my family at different times. 2 were fine, but the last one I gave my brothers girlfriend is a piece of shit. Definitely check them out before the warranty runs out.

If you get a stinker, Woot will take it back with no questions (or at least not many) asked and you’ll get your money back completely. That’s the best thing about buying here - they’ll bend over backwards to make it right for you. I bought a phone here a few years back and the power button was fickle (still is), and they told me I could send it back. I finally got it working and decided to keep it, and they refunded me $25 for repairs. They even sent me new chargers for another phone, and when I sent back the phone I asked if they wanted the chargers back as well and they said to keep them. Good customer service is worth taking a risk for!

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You may not actually receive a phone. I ordered one a while back and woot cancelled the order after 2 weeks, I was issued a refund, but I would have looked elsewhere as I was in need of a replacement phone.