Samsung S7 (Your Choice Carrier)(S&D)

Samsung S7 (Your Choice Carrier)(S&D)

What’s the difference between “Fully unlocked” and “GSM only”? I don’t plan to use this for anything other than a wifi device playing Pokemon Go, but would like to flash custom firmware. Typically with Verizon Android phones, you cannot do custom firmware. So what’s the story here?

Any idea which version of Android this comes with (or can be updated to)?

2 questions:

  1. What model is this? SM- something?

  2. Capacity: What is 23BG … does that mean 23 BIG?? (j/k I know it’s GB :wink:

GSM only is well, GSM only.

Fully unlocked is GSM + CDMA.

Found this on google:

It’s in the title: Samsung SM-G930V

Fixed the GB. Thanks.

Ugh. How did I miss that.
Thanks TT for all you do! You keep woot going!

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Anyone have any experience with what condition these phones are in? in the the old days used to grade the conditions

I can tell you I just received three of these. The first one so far does not power on. It took some time before the charge indicator even appeared. It has been sitting there for quite a long time. I should have known better, honestly, but I found the price to be quite compelling. I have no intention of using this as a phone but rather as a gaming device so carrier details are nearly irrelevant to me. The one thing which I dislike about Verizon Android devices is the fact that all bootloaders are 100% locked and will never be unlocked as far I have experienced. I believe the reason for this is the CDMA radio hardware has its unique identifier coded into the boot record. If this were able to be rewritten, then the phone can be used in “uncontrolled ways.”

In any case, the external condition of this unit, despite its present state of “unable to boot” (I get the boot logo but when it tries to start it fails… will let it rest on charger a bit longer) it’s actually quite clean looking. Not that it matters so much as I generally wrap all phone devices within a protective case of some kind almost immediately.

Well I ordered a fully unlocked phone but instead got a phone that appears to have been GSM only.

Hi there. Make sure you sent the correct carrier in APN settings. If you don’t figure it out, reach out to Woot Customer Service. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Thanks for your reply. I guess its pretty much a crap-shoot.