Samsung S8+ 64GB (VZN & GSM Unlocked)

Be very very careful with this purchase. An unlocked Verizon phone is not completely unlocked. Several functions will not work if you choose a straight GSM carrier like T-mobile, AT&T, Cricket etc.
The ability to send pictures and video will not work. Voice mail audio messages will not work.

I have a Verizon s7 that is unlocked that I use perfectly fine on Tmobile. (mintsim). Heck you can even flash the carrier firmware you need so it acts like it’s from that company. I even use wifi calling.

Yes. You have to make sure you update the APN settings. For example, here’s the article for AT&T on the settings to use.

I have mine and I can’t use my T-MOBILE sim on it, I already contacted the costumer service and waiting for their reply.
Just be aware!!

I actually bought 2 of them, one is woking fine (It shows the T-MOBILE logo in the bootscreen)
The one that is not working has a Verizon bootscreen

I had no trouble setting it up for AT&T. The phone was scratched up really bad. If it wasn’t for flitz, she’d be going back.

Make sure you update the APN Settings for Tmobile.

I returned this item immediately. The phone was packaged so loosely we could not imagine that it was NOT damaged in transit. Really lame. Quite disappointing.

I received mine about a week after ordering. Unfortunately, the back of the phone was partially separated from the body. No problem, sent it back for a replacement. Received the next one about 5 days later and all is good. Very minor scratch on the back but otherwise it’s exactly as I expected for a refurb.

I LOVE this phone! I see no reason why anyone should hesitate on this deal. Go into the purchase knowing it’s a refurb and set your expectations accordingly. Woot customer service is available (and awesome) if you have any issues.

I ordered one color and got another, not too big a problem, but then come to find out it does not charge, that is a problem… this is the second phone I ordered, the first was supposed to be an AT&T but showed up as the Verizon model and would not work with my sim card. Not a happy customer.

I ordered the verizon, but cant tell if the sim card came with it since i dont have the special key to open that port. Did the sim card come with the phone?

No, the SIM is not included.