Samsung S8 or S8+ (VZN & GSM Unlocked)

Samsung S8 or S8+ (VZN & GSM Unlocked)

I ordered this and received a s7 instead boxed in a repacked s8 box. Since woot has no phone number I’m sitting here steaming waiting for an email response. With woots long shipping times this is an insane setback for us.

I’m very sorry about this. Our CS is pretty quick to answer. You can also see if phone support is available through the support form. It will be active when it’s staffed and available.

Oh snap! I wonder if woot can determine who returned it the first time with the s7 in the box. I bet they got themselves a free s8 by “returning” it to woot with their old phone in the box.

I just got the replacement. It is wrong as well. Model was 955u and TMobile… it was supposed to be an unlocked verizon 955v. Also not adequately refurbished. Chips on all sides of the screen. Sim card tray jambed shut and won’t open. Charger was also inadequate strength and I received warnings when plugging it in from the phone.

What the hell woot. You’ve been alright for me up till now but you need to look into this.

I just. I can’t.

Oh dear. A coworker checked that it was an S8 but probably not the model. Garrrrrr. Sorry! I’ve sent a note to CS. Go ahead and write into them. I think it’s safe to say that we do not have that model in our warehouse (open box).

I got a full refund but I gotta say it’s difficult to trust/recommend trust after this problem. Thanks for the cs though. Very responsive.