Samsung SD-608 8X DVD-ROM

Welcome to the Woot-off item #16 topic for Friday October 22nd, 2004. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the Samsung 8x DVD-ROM here.



3rd??? not bad

8.99 lol thats awesome, if i didn’t already have 3. but still great deal also i think im 3rd

:arrow: 13;th

hope these sell out quick. And that’s the bravest woman ever :roll:

Boy! What fun today :lol:

1st time on WOOT!

No thanks to the DVD drive

4th But whose counting?

Anybody else having a really crappy time getting to Woot today?

Good for the barebones cube sytem people just bought.

C’mon… everyone with me now… DELL 5.1 SPEAKERS!!! DELL 5.1 SPEAKERS!!! DELL 5.1 SPEAKERS!!!


[size=24:7369d1d7bd][/size:7369d1d7bd]Come on Woot this is ludacris your website is one problem after a other. And to think im a die hard Woot fan. But come on lets get some of these problems worked out fast before we miss another item bc of NOT SO WOOT.

I’m freaking afraid to go home and miss a Woot during my drive time. I need help. :shock:

Perfect timing! Thank you Woot!

burrrppppp :shock: :lol: 8)

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WOOT-OFF mode is cool.


I was planning on doing some work outside and maybe go to a friends house today, but evil woot screwed it all up for me!!! :evil: