Samsung Security

Anyone have any experience with these systems? They look a tad better than some of the others, and I was wanting to install something around the house.

Also, how long are the camera cables? That is not listed in the description that I can find.

The equivalent Amazon add says they are 60 feet.

I have an old zmodo dvr setup, and was thinking about upgrading to this one. If it helps you decide, i still think i did the right thing, i bought the cheapest one i could get my hands on to see if it was money well spent. Now that i know i use it every day, im not afraid to pay for a higher priced model. plus, i now know what is important to me in a dvr system.

i guess im saying, if you are on the fence, get a $100 one. if you know you NEED one, take it up to the next step and get one like this ad.

These prices are great compared to the MSRP.

Will these do the job compared to the HD 720p or 1080p security cameras?

Any integration with a Samsung TV? Does it work any better with a Samsung smartphone?

I currently enjoy my Dlink CloudCam setup, mostly because it uses PoE. But I’m always interested in finding something better. :wink:

if this is a refurbished system, how old is the system? looking for a security system and just wondering. :slight_smile:

We don’t have that information. Sorry.

Run run screaming. :slight_smile: Seriously if you want to buy a surveillance system don’t waste your money on anything less than 720TVL. REALLY try to not waste you time or money on anything but a POE compatible system running 720P or 1080P. Samsung does make hybrid systems that have both that work well…in fact these systems are compatible with 720TVL cameras but the 600TVL…nah. Had them and had to replace them.

In a word…NOOOOOOOOO. Not even close. These are the predecessors to the current Samsung residentian (vs commercial) systems. The newer systems incorporate 4-720P HD cameras paired with either 4 or 8 600TVL SD cameras. The 4 HD’s are really the reason to buy it not the SD’s. Also the HD DVR is POE versus siamese cables…and the DVR supports 1080P cameras as well and the 720TVL cameras vs the 600 TVL cameras that come with these.

The big issue with these DVR/cameras is the DVR fps (frames per second). Check out clips on youtube of videos that are at 12 fps and you will see what you are getting with this setup if you run it at the highest quality (D1) for all 10 cameras. Specs have the DVRs as being able to do 120fps at D1 resolution. You divide the 120fps by the number of cameras you have and that’s what the fps is going to be for each camera. Anything under 30fps is often horrible to watch on video playback when trying to look at a break in or the deer wondering in the field. The cameras for being analog cameras do not look that bad, specially at $38 each (and you get a free 1TB hard drive:) ). Just know that analog quality is horrible compared to the HD cameras that are out there. Analog has just historically been far cheaper hardware wise (that has been changing a lot the last year with new HD technologies like HD-SDI coming out). If you decide to buy this get rid of the DVR and purchase one that can do 480fps so you have 30fps on each channel.

I actually have the Samsung SDS-P5101N 16-Channel / 10-Camera system, refurbished. I’ve had it installed and running for about a 6 weeks now. Have all 10 cameras going.

I originally wanted a 720p or 1080p system but wanted at least 8 cameras. Unfortunately I didn’t have the money to drop on a system(s) like that.

Compared to other systems in this price range the Samsung was the best in my opinion that I found that didn’t have a bunch of bad reviews. It had a bit better resolution, better nigh vision range.

Pros: The system is pretty easy to setup. Samsung provides a DNS service, which makes it easy to access your system via internet.
You can access the live stream via smart phone, internet browser (IE), or SmartViewer software.

The SmartViewer software is actually pretty nice. You can view the cameras, watch previous recordings, capture video and images.

Over all the picture is decent. It isn’t 720p, obviously. But it is fine for my setup, you are either going to be close and on camera, or out of the camera view any way. The picture is good and the night time picture is rather good too.

The cameras seem durable and well made. So does the DVR and so far is it quiet.

Cons: The cameras are not small. 2.78" x 2.40" x 7.56". They are way noticeable. The system software isn’t as user friendly as it should be, although it does have a lot of options. I’m not familiar with some of the terms or settings so I’ve had to do some interweb searching.

Beyond that I am happy with the system. I felt like it is worth the money. Is it top of the line? No. Is it an HD system? No. Is it better than some of the other systems in that price range? I believe so. Buying it, I understood that. So either save up for a good HD system or understand that you are going to get a system like this.

Thank you! That’s a very nice review.