Samsung SM-R810NZDATTT 42mm Samsung Galaxy Watch (42m

Samsung SM-R810NZDATTT 42mm Samsung Galaxy Watch (42m

What country is this watch for? I am in the U.S.A., will it work here? I read alot of reviews saying it didn’t work in their country. If it does not work for me is it refundable?

It’s covered by Woot warranty…

For how long: Unless otherwise noted in the product details, a Woot warranty covers a period up to 90 days. The Woot warranty starts on the date of purchase, or until human civilization is destroyed by marauding creatures from beneath the Earth’s crust, whichever comes first.

What Woot will do: Replace the product or, upon customer request or if a replacement is no longer available, refund the purchase price. Woot will also send positive vibes out to the cosmos on behalf of the purchaser, providing purchaser does not harsh our mellow.

Hi there. If you unhappy with the watch, we have a 30-day return policy.

My wife bought one of these open box Galaxy watches for me at Xmas, and the box was marked as a model for Paraguay, so all the included documentation was in Spanish, as was the language displayed on the watch. I was able to download English documentation, though, and the language on the watch automatically changed to English as soon as it paired with my phone and detected English as its language. I haven’t had any problems.