SAMSUNG SM-T800 Galaxy Tab S (SM-T800) 16GB , Wifi Titani

Hey, this thing has a basically 4k screen and it’s OLED so it will have awesome video quality and can be upgraded to Android 6.0, plus it has a octo core CPU. More memory would be nice but it does have 3 gig/16 gig of memory and a Memory card slot so you can add external memory so not too bad.
I use a 7.85 16 gig tablet now with a 4k IPS screen and it looks fantastic and is plenty fast with a quad core CPU but it’s getting pretty beat up.
This is a pretty good price for what you get even if it doesn’t have 32 or 64 gig of memory as the advanced res screen should be a huge selling point.

I just purchased one for an elderly family friend. This is the best deal I could find on the internet. I was a little hesitant because it is refurbished and a little older. However when I received it, I found that it was in like New condition. The screen quality is amazing (it would be nice if it got just a little brighter). We had purchased a fire hd 10 but felt extremely limited when it came to apps and it didn’t have speech to text. This one is wonderful we got her set up with all the apps she wanted (fb, messenger, prey, Amazon, smart view (for her Samsung TV), prime video, etc… there was still room left on the tablet i think like 6gb) also got her set up with an Amazon discount (available for anyone who receives Medicaid or EBT). I would recommend doing a factory reset (takes about 15 minutes) seemed to make it run faster). I also got her a 64gb micro SD card (couldn’t find a way to make it act as internal memory). This has better specs than the Galaxy tab A (+1gb ram, better screen quality, appears to have a sturdier build quality). The cameras seemed to have good quality and there is a flash! Another plus is that the buttons are located in a place where you can’t accidentally press them (you can change light settings on the light up capacitative buttons) when holding the tablet. There’s also a FINGER print scanner located on the home button. There’s also these weird little buttons on the back and I found out they are to attach a “book cover” which I’ll get her as a gift in the future. I also purchased a 2 year square trade warranty $44, which is transferable. The only downside is it does not cover loss or theft. I liked it so much I’m considering buying one for myself. The downsides: was a little slow but we were on slow internet and downloading lots of apps, I borrowed a s pen from a friend and it wouldn’t work on it, there was no documentation papers (warranty or instructions). Finally it would be nice if it had Sim slot and lte but for the price I’d be surprised to find one with that.

This one is wifi only, they do make versions that can take a sim card to use your cell network and there is a newer version that has 32 gig but of course they are way more money. I’m still using the Best Buy Insignia Flex Elite 7.85 and it looks awesome and is just big enough to be easy to see and fast, but the regulater chip blew out and I found a replacement mother board for 20 shipped, it lives again but I broke the memory slot installing it so been looking for a worthwhile uograde that will look and work similar. This should be a major upgrade.
Mine is already on its way and is supposed to be here the 8th. Probably a perk for having Prime or I’m closer to their warehouse than some of us. Looking forward to using it and will probably root it if it seems stable. There are custom rom upgrades for it too but haven’t researched those to see if it’s worth it but they have worked well with much cheaper Chinese tablets I have used.

Well mine showed up today as scheduled and I have to say the screen does look awesome and appears to be full 4k or at least darned close. White box, appears brand new untouched and had about 80 percent charge at first. It’s already on Android 6.0 so don’t know if it updated while I was playing with it or was already there. Sound isn’t bad and yes it has a lot of Samsung apps installed but appears you can remove them from your main screen and disable some of them.
Google transferred all my apps from my latest saved tablet, took a while but most everything on the play store got installed. I’ll probably have to find some of the non store apps I like again but it even transferred the wallpaper I downloaded so that was cool to see my background up onscreen right away.
Happy so far with my new toy and hope everyone else gets a unit just as nice and is happy.