Samsung SmartCam 1080p Wi-Fi IP Camera

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Samsung SmartCam 1080p Wi-Fi IP Camera
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Can someone more tech savvy than me answer this.

I only have Verizon Broadband where I live. Pay by the Gig. Do these wifi cameras only use data when you look at them from your phone or do they use data all day so its available when you want to use it. Trying to figure out if this will wipe out my data allowance. :frowning:

It will only use data if you are streaming it somewhere outside of your local area network. You’ll have to configure it to be viewable externally, otherwise it will just be accessible from within your LAN, which doesn’t use your internet connection.

Once it is configured to be accessible over the internet, it should only stream that data to you when you are actively viewing it, unless you set it up to constantly stream somewhere.

open the pod bay doors


I bought one of these at Costco on a closeout deal for about the same price. Works well. Setup was a little cumbersome but once done it has performed well. The motion trigger is very sensitive. The afternoon sun casting shadows from trees will trigger it. Setting the sensitivity very low helps but doesn’t eliminate it completely.

I like that I can record information on its micro-SD card instead of streaming to a server somewhere.

I don’t think so…Dave

How is this powered? Do I need to be able to get a power cord to it?

Looking at the specs, it says that the electrical input is 9V. I’m assuming that it uses and 9V battery. Also, the pics don’t show a cord or a place to put one. I’m assuming it’s battery powered.

Yes, it comes with a power adapter. Needs access to a wall plug.

I bought 3 on the last woot off. One failed immediately after setting it up. It has a loud him when viewing the live feed, and when recording video. The next day, when I was making arrangements to send it back to Samsung under warranty, a second camera failed with the exact same problem. So two were now going back. I returned them, and about a week later, I received two brand new in retail boxes, replacement cameras. No charge. So, it worked out, even tho I had to pay return shipping to send them back to the warranty center. I’m happy with them. Good cameras. No monthly fees. Record onto a sd card, which I can access on my phone anywhere using the SmartCam app.
Yes, has a wall wart plug. Yes, included sd card. No doesn’t integrate with Google, even though the process to do so is in the app’s settings. However, I have several of an older Samsung cam that does use Google. I’ll get an alert for an event, but can’t view it because Google is processing the video. Takes several minutes. With these cams, as soon as you get an alert, you can see the vid without waiting for Google to process it.
Also, the wide viewing angles is very nice. The older cameras did not have this. Much more narrow field of view.
Because of these pluses, I recommend this, especially at the woot return price.