Samsung SmartCam 1080p Wi-Fi IP Camera

Given the name, I assume this camera works with the Samsung Smartthings ecosystem. Can anyone confirm?

I got one of these even though it had a lot of bad reviews. It’s a great idea, but unreliable. It worked ok for a 2-3 weeks then started disconnecting and needed to be reset a lot. It got very hot as well. Luckily I got it from Costco and was able to return it.

Motion detection was poor at night even in lit outdoor areas, and the motion detection recording feature would be delayed for about 3-5 seconds, resulting in missing footage.

I have five of these, and although they are handy, they are a bit clunky. The web interface is average, but for the price they’re a handy thing to use to monitor my other house or my primary home when I’m gone. It’s pretty handy to have the alarm set and use it in tandem with constant recording, with an override of the SD card. That way even if the alarm misses recording all of the primary event it you can review the constant recording during that general time.

This camera is not supported by Smartthings. I saw several references to people that had to return them because they thought they would work.

It got one last time they were on Woot!. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks so I can’t comment on the long term stability. That said,


  • Image quality is very good for this price range.
  • Wide angle shows entire rooms, the high resolution lets you zoom in.
  • Night vision with illumination LED works well and can be turned off.


  • It requires a browser plugin to work on a PC and won’t work on Chrome or Microsoft Edge. I’m forced to use Internet Explorer.
  • Sound coming out of it is a pretty soft. Fine for putting a kid to sleep. Not really adequate for conferencing.

This model is not.

I bought two last time they were available on a woot off. Only one will connect to wifi. Other seems to be defective.

I have one of these…

There is no cloud storage so if you are monitoring a place then all the person has to do is unplug it and you are SOL seeing who is there, what is happening, etc.

The motion detection picks up light changes. I get 1 or 2 motion detections per day just because the sunlight level changed.

There is no way to save an event’s video. So if an event happens and you want to save it for future use… outta luck.

The app pretty much stinks. As already stated the web app only works in internet explorer.

The picture is good for the money.

Overall I’d rate this a 2 out of 10.

Thank you!

Is this an appropriate device to use at my front door? I would like to see whose knocking before opening the door.

sorta. the amount of time it would take to open the app and actually connect to the camera and view what is happening would likely have the person already gone by the time you get it all going.

If you had a screen where it was constantly streaming it would potentially be fine.

I bought one at Sam’s Club and took it back next day. Claims IR night capability but could’t see anything. Day pics were clear and setup was easy These retail at $149 but I wouldn’t give anymore than $50. Replaced it with Pyle Pipcam 8 from Woot and now it looks like a flashlight is shining when room is dark from the IR lights

I do not own this but I do have another competitor’s very similar camera, the Yi Home Camera (Amazon: It works great and I’ve had no issues other than I found out sometimes I just don’t want to know. What happens in my house when I’m gone stays in my house when I’m gone. At least that’s what my dogs think (getting on couches, scratching and chewing non-stop, etc). The image is not crazy pixel sharp but what can you really expect at this price point…

To address issues previously stated in this forum: My camera seems to pick up motion well at night, captures before and after movement is detected, and has had no connectivity issues. My cam has an SD card slot which it records snippets to when motion is detected. The app shows both a live cam and historical motion-activated clips. Also the sound coming out is loud enough to scare my dog off the couch when she decides she’s safe since I’m not home. Overall very happy.

Nope - I don’t have any affiliation with any of the camera makers or sellers, just so you guys know.

Are these cameras powered by an electrical cord? It appears in all the pictures and videos that they are just sitting in various places with no AC connectivity…They run on batteries?

Did you enable the IR Night Vision in the settings? Mine works well.

Buyer confirms this is AC powered.

I bought two of these at Costco for about $99 a piece. I have read all the bad reviews and CONs about the camera before I bought them. They have worked out quite well.

It works great on wireless. I haven’t had any weird disconnects. The Android and iOS app works well, but the browser plugin never worked for me.

It works great in low/no light and the IR needs to be turned on for auto-night vision to work. I turn it OFF because it’s behind a window/glass and IR reflects the light.

Motion sensors are nice as you can select selections of importance, but it’s very sensitive.

NO cloud storage, but most solutions charge for cloud storage any way. local SD card storage is cool, but most of your recordings can be recalled on the app.

We use it for a baby monitor and security cameras for visitors.

Now that it’s cheaper here than Amazon as a refurb, I’m buying more.

damn so all the “bad guys” have to do is unplug them…ugghhh