Samsung SmartCam 1080p Wi-Fi IP Camera

Does anybody know if these play well with Zoneminder?

Ordered two, just got them today. I’m cautious about these.

They seem to be nice cameras If you have a strong wireless connection to work with, but it’s like they only wanted to budget about a week’s worth of work for the firmware and software for them.

There’s no desktop client, the web client requires a third-party plugin that’s IE-only, the mobile app is too simple and full of connecting wait times, and all of it feels unfinished.

The mobile app is the best way I’ve found to view the cameras, but there’s no way to schedule the event triggers. If I want motion detection on then my phone is going to blow up with notifications any time I’m walking around at home.

The cameras themselves are frustratingly difficult to connect to with any type of third party software that I’ve tried. I can’t get ZoneMinder to pull anything but a solid black image from them, and tinyCam Monitor Pro for Android could only successfully connect for a few minutes before it stopped working.

If I can just automate the transfer of the video files off the cameras to a remote server then I’ll be very happy.


tinyCam Monitor Pro settings that have been successful so far:

Camera Vendor: (Generic)
Camera Model: Generic URL
JPEG/MJPEG/RTSP request: rtsp://(ip address)/onvif/profile4/media.smp
(profile4 denotes 720p, other numbers are different resolutions)
Protocol: RTSP over TCP
(for some reason I had to reselect this with each change to the URL even if it didn’t visibly change)
username: admin
(not the name you set up for the app)
password: (the password you set up for the camera, not for the app)

I fought a lot to get these to work. They get pretty hot during use so I really hope that doesn’t become a problem and invalidate all this time I spent getting them to work how I want.