Samsung SmartCam Pro HD WiFi IP Camera

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Samsung SmartCam Pro HD WiFi IP Camera
Price: $84.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Can this cam be used outdoors under the eaves of the house?

I have one of these and I wouldn’t use it outside, it has several ports on it that if was exposed to water I’m pretty sure it would ruin it quickly, also I have mine setup to point out the front window of my house and I cannot get a good picture to the road. It’s only approximately 60 feet. I can tell color and make of cars/trucks but any detail you may want/need isn’t really there at that distance. I’ve been having trouble with kids knocking over my garbage cans and this camera did not help me identify them at all. Nice for indoors to keep track of the pets though.

With that being said I will probably be in for one to put in the other side of my house to keep an eye on my garage and tools

If you’re looking for an IP-Cam, DO NOT BUY THIS. A firmware update last year killed your ability to view the stream as mjpeg and to directly connect to the camera stream. You must now connect through Samsung’s website. Additionally, this does not easily interface with the samsung smart things hub.

There are many better cameras out there at this price point.

I own two of these and use for kid-room monitors. Image quality is good, both day and night.

The software is not good, barely maintained. The web app doesn’t work with chrome. The firmware update referenced above removes direct streaming, which limits options for alternative software footprints.

Samsung’s great at hardware (save note 7), not so awesome at software.

I’m more interested in HOW you stapled the brain to the box. My staples are never long enough…

Wow, that’s unfortunate. Thanks for that information. I will certainly research some more on my own, but which do you prefer now instead of the Samsungs?

@Woot, just need a little clarity here. The listing says SNH-P6410BMR but none of the comparisons match that model number. The closest in the list is SNH-P6410BN. Is there a difference between BMR and BN?

I believe the only difference is that BMR is refurbished and BN is new. I’ve seen it on Amazon and that seems to be the only thing that’s different.

I agree with the SmartThings connection thing that was mentioned before but I’m pretty content with watching it on the iOS app

Per the vendor: It is the same. The letters denote refurbished