Samsung SmartThings ADT Water Leak Detector

Samsung SmartThings ADT Water Leak Detector


One of my OG Leak Frogs died a couple weeks ago. Deployed a N.O.S. one I had waiting in storage just in case. The army is complete once again.


Is this 345 MHz, aka would it work with a 2GIG GoControl3 Panel ?

It looks similar to these that we’ve been buying up after a water intrusion event…

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I pledge allegiance to the frog that used to be sold on the internet. And to the Woot who tried in vain to order more. Even though the mold was broke. Never to be sold again.


And don’t forget to change out the batteries every few years in your Leak Frogs! Leaking batteries kill frogs!

(ps… there are Leak Frogs on Ebay)


These don’t work with anything, since Samsung retired their ADT co-branded hub. They would be an expensive paperweight, good for nothing else.

Under the hood, the ADT panel was a GoControl3, but the Samsung-ADT sensors use a different frequency (900 MHz) so they won’t work with yours. Or anything else as far as anyone has been able to determine.