Samsung SMX-C10 Ultra Compact Digital Camcorder Woot Info Post - now I’m watching woot less?

Samsung SMX-C10 Ultra Compact Digital Camcorder [Refurbished] - $89.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Samsung SMX-C10 Digital Camcorder

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Looking at the way the lens is pointing it appears to be an excellent way to record the sky without your hand getting tired. And the ceiling fan at nana’s birthday party…

can buy it NEW for the same price on ebay… even cheaper if you don’t mind settling for a USED one.

16GB of Internal Memory?

Can that be right?

The funny design is apparently to to make it easier to use for longer amounts of time

“The unique 25 degree active angle lens promotes a healthy hand position that eliminates wrist pain and fatigue, enabling you to shoot in complete comfort for extended periods of time.”

Review at Tom’s Guide

and links at Retrevo

Sooooooooooooooooooo it is standard definition? How much are HD camcorders going for these days? checks for just a little bit more. Looks cool though. Like one of these futuristic news show cameras.

Sells for $150 on Amazon new
3.5 stars

Can this be used as a webcam as well?

I’m so confused. Someone help me out here.

The SMX-C14 has 16GB internal memory, but the unit Woot has listed here is supposedly the SMX-C10, which supposedly does NOT have internal memory.

Here’s the user guide (PDF) for the C10/C13/C14 which plainly states:
This camcorder is designed exclusively for use wth the high-capacity built-in flash memory (8GB (SMX-C13 only), (16GB (SMX-C14 only)) and an external memory card.

What gives?

And if I’m reading that user manual right, it seems like the C10 can’t take still photos? At least, all the menu functions for photo are listed as being for C13/C14 only.

Such a confusing mess.

something weird about it is that the description says it does…
But on the website I found it says C-10 does not have built in memory, only the C-14 does…

Still deciding whether i should buy this or not?
Have u figured it out yet by any chance?


Well thats neat… and explains a lot. At first glance I thought it was specifically for upskirting in Japan or something.

There are two different models - the SMX-C14 which has 16GB of internal memory and the SMX-C10 which has none.

The Samsung website was apparently not well edited. The SMX-C10’s description is exactly the same as the SMX-C14’s.

I hope no one has bought this based on the 16GB, because you are not going the get it with the SMX-C10.

Sorry Scared Rabbit, you were fooled on this one.

Most still cameras take video so why worry about a video camera not taking still photos? Some clarification on the internal memory seems warranted however.

No it is not right. We made a huge mistake.

We are selling the SMX-C10, and it just has a memory card slot.

Please email if you would like to cancel your order.

So I’m assuming this isn’t HD but could anyone with the know-how explain its resolution or put it in terms a noob would understand. Thanks.

I wonder what his name is and where he works?

Hello my name is Kevin, and I am employed by Woot…

The camera will record in 720 x 480/60di resolution, so not quite 720p HD video. It will be good enough for Youtube.