Samsung SSC12 12" B/W Surveillance System


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Official Price $119.99


lol, wtf?

Official WOOT! Price: $119.99




Hmm. I don’t think I need a set of these… in my dorm room.


If I had a store I would jump on this $119 Samsung SSC12 Surveillance System with 3 Cameras but alas I don’t, time to watch a movie with the wife.

edit: found this link for the same thing really good price from woot!

oh yeah gotta go watch a movie with the wife…


That’s…ummm…interesting. Sleepy time!


i probably should get this, as someone’s tried to break into my house about 3 or 4 times that i know of, but that’s quite a hunk of cash.

looks like a good deal though.


bah…not useful for the average geek that surfs here haha


Not bad, but not for me. I will wait for another Woot deal!!


That is so cool, I wish I had a reason to buy one.


damn good deal…too bad its not really necessay for most of us… great deal though for those who need it…


not bad but I’ve already have the X10 color + night shot wireless surveillance system. I got that package ~ 75 bucks for 3 color cam, 1 night shot cam, receivers, etc.

I’ll pass. G’luck to all. This is a good dea considering you’d get the Monitor too :slight_smile:


I have to work at 5am pst. Last night I went to bed and missed the speaker deal. Tonight I stay up and get to get in on this. Not that its a bad deal, but for me completely worthless. Oh well. Good night y’all.


bah! deprived of sleep for this :frowning:


Damit!! I missed out on the speakers, so I waited up tonight to see what kind of cool stuff I could buy…I really wish I needed one…I actually thought about it for a second… :?


This is actually a killer deal. Too bad my apartment complex wouldent like it if I installed cameras.


amazing how many of us stay awake just for woot, damn CST!!


Great, I stayed up for this? :roll:
It’s good deal but not for me.