Samsung SyncMaster 24” LCD Monitor

5 seconds…Someone hates their monitor A LOT

I’m gonna say there are 4 of these available.

meh review on Cnet:

still tempting…


2 available wtf

IT WAS ME! I GOT IT! HAH! And about time, too, I never get the good ones. It’s not nearly as “meh” as my 2003 LCD monitor with about a 22ms green to red response time, terrible ghosting, and a resolution of 1280x1024. And half price, heck yeah.

good purchase man.

very good buy

I am so stoked for this to come in. My old monitor’s power button has been getting iffy, and a 19" LCD from 2003 is just not at all up to modern standards. It’s been a long time coming, really glad I impulse bought the heck out of that monitor and checked reviews afterward. I’m a member over at AVSforum so I was a bit concerned I might have made a mistake, but no, it’s quite nice and the only complaints anyone registers are that it has a bit of a green push (easily taken care of with a proper calibration) and the stand could be sturdier (I’ll put it on a bit of foam, problem solved). Hooray, a modern monitor with a modern resolution. Sorry to everyone who didn’t get one, but man, I really needed this.