Samsung Tab 2 10.1" 16GB w/Accessory Kit

Tons of positive reviews on the Product Page

So, anybody break down the advantages to buying this over the Nook HD+ 32GB at $179?

I know the Nook doesn’t have GPS or a camera, but anything else glaring to make a $100 difference?

Unboxing and review

**Item: **Samsung Tab 2 10.1" 16GB w/Accessory Kit
Price: $279.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Previous Similar Sales (May not be exact model)
4/30/2013 - $280.00 (Woot Plus)

This tablet allows you to stick in a 32 gig microhd to expand storage.

TONS of great reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at

Check out this thorough review over at

OK, I already bought the refurb Note that Woot had up, what does the Tab 2 do that the Note doesn’t do? The intended use is for my son who is starting college this fall. I’m also looking for a tablet to take with me on vacation trips where I’ve found my phone (Samsung S3) is too functionally limited.

So between the Note and the Tab 2 which is better for college? And for a travel tablet?

When it sold on regular woot without the accessory kit, 82 comments in February:

I hope these people don’t mind the previous comments being posted from them:

The debate was basically diving in for the older model, and the accessory kit I’m assuming is the enticement to buy the model now vs. 4 months ago.

The Nook HD+ can also use a 32gb miscrosd card

The advantage the Nook had was the sale price.
It looks like it’s back to $269 for 16gb and $299 for 32gb

If by Note you mean the note tablet, I think that would be better for school. My husband has the Galaxy Note 10.1 and LOVES it for work and play. It’s functionally just like any other tablet … you don’t “have” to use the pen but if your son wants to - he could use the pen for notes in class. The handwriting recognition software manages to understand my husbands chicken scratch enough that he was impressed.

This is a great tablet, but not the best bang for your buck… and an uninspiring price. It’s only $20 less than Best Buy - a major brick and mortar store. You could snag a case with keyboard - but that would run you 50-$100 more and adds to the bulk. Plus it’s neat to draw diagrams and such for college/work.

Video review of the RED edition of this tablet - note: Only major difference is the color and the amount of RAM, but it gives you hands on details and you can see it in action.

This looks like a Best Buy Discount. There are plenty of other great tablets out there. Skip this one and shop around.

Was at Costco over the weekend and looked at this tablet. Same price there as they have a $50 reduction but it does not come with the accessory kit. Costco version comes with a protective sleeve. Samsung is supposed to be coming out with their Tab 3 any day now so they must be trying to clear out these units.

My siblings and I bought one of these for our parents, who are complete computer/internet novices. They love it. It already had the 4.1.2 update installed. I’ve been using Android for many years and I really like this tablet. Whomever said it was slow must be doing something wrong. It is very fast, web browsing works fantastic. Now my parents don’t have to call me to look up something on Google!

Brand new at BestBuy for only $20 more. I’ve bought plenty of refurbs and been completely satisfied (recently bought ASUS 11.3 laptops here at Woot!), but for $20 I’d go with the brand new, particularly since if I have an issue I can just return it to the store. And the accessory kit is really no big deal.

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It’s still on sale at B&N