Samsung Tab 2 7" or 10.1" with Pouch

**Item: **Samsung Tab 2 7" or 10.1" with Pouch
Price: $229.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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9/8/2013 - $129.99-229.99 - 47 comment(s)

This has the ability to be a TV remote correct?

I think so… along with a door stop.

HA! When I first looked at this, I thought it said 27" or 10.1" - that would be an awkward tablet to carry around. }:wink:

so are they doing any boc this wootoff?

some fast moving items in the last hour! come on woot…give the people something they want!

I’d buy this over the 7 incher.

We use ours as a TV remote and it works pretty slick. Same functionality as a “normal” universal remote.

Amazon have a 32gb Nexus 7 for $195. Works great. ASUS Nexus 7 (7-Inch, 32GB) Tablet (2012)

I feel a drought coming on.

I own one of these (10.1). It’s great for Netflix, MLB.TV and those types of video apps

Ya I have the tab 2 10.1 as well. Love it. So does the kids.

Wow, Android 4.0! With Samsung-“enhanced” interface!
Does it support Cyanogenmod?

I picked up two of the Tab 2 7" for my kids about 6 months ago. Spent about $40 on a GumDrop rugged case for each of them. My little one has thrown his countless times, and it has held-up unscathed.

Great investment. Movies in the car without fighting, games whenever they want. Couldn’t imagine another road-trip without them.

My only complaint is that since Android 4, a lot of Android apps won’t move to the SD card, so on-board memory becomes a concern after you load too many apps, and you must selectively delete unused apps (my kids want a new game every other day).

Actually it’s a decent device - I have the 7" one and it works great for Media - plays just about everything I throw at it.

I was curious about this feature. Do you have to have a Smart TV in order for this to work? Does it work on cable boxes and other boxes that don’t use DVRs?

I have the 7". It is no iPad, but I really like it for web surfing, NetFlix, and reading books through the Kindle app.
It is somewhat cumbersome for typeing and sending emails, and the wireless range is somewhat limited. If you want a full function, go for a high end tablet, but for reading and movies, this is great for the price.