Samsung Tablets

Samsung SM-T320NZ Galaxy Tab Pro (in white) from September:

Consensus seems to be “good tablet”.

Great tablet. I have one and it’s very fast, has an awesome display, and is very light and thin. I’d buy it again in a heartbeat, and I paid a good bit more than $200 for mine.

Be careful buying “reconditioned” Samsung tablets. I have a Galaxy Tab 3 8" that has had to be replaced twice because the buttons quit working. The refurbisher was not actually Samsung (even though it was supposed to be) and the replacement tablet they send comes with only a 30 day warranty. Hopefully these models won’t have the same problems - but I won’t by buying a refurbished Samsung tablet again.

purchased a refurb’d note pro 12 a month ago from the mothership (paid 449). arrived as new and has been a great tablet. it is not small and is not really a 1-handed device. resolution is beautiful and the speed quick and snappy. the s-pen is a blast too. bought the artrage app for it, and am reconnecting with my love of sketching all over again.

10/10 would buy again (but won’t today)

Can anyone tell me about the quality of VoIP on these tablets? Have anyone tried google voice or pinger on these tablets?

I’m certainly not an expert in these things, but 1.61 oz for a weight on the white Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2"? (specs page, near bottom).

Sorry, it’s pounds. Fixed.

certainly no need to be sorry. :wink:
I’m sorry I didn’t have anything cooler to add than being the mistake police. lol.

Bought new from woot in November.On its way back to Samsung for repair for the second time. Having touchscreen issues. Doesn’t seem to be a common problem. Hope they fix it correctly this time.

Bought the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 with 4G LTE (Verizon) 5 or 6 weeks ago new and haven’t regretted it at all. Not a little tablet by any measure but the screen is bright and crisp while the processing power with its quad core 2.3Ghz* is incredible, and faster than my laptop! I have a pre-release copy of Office 2013 for Android and with a bluetooth keyboard, I haven’t touched my laptop since I purchased the tablet. I really haven’t had a chance to learn much about the “s-pen”, but from what little I’ve played with it, I think that it will make taking notes at meetings much better (and cooler). It’s so much better than the iPad 4 that it replaced…

*Note: the quad core 2.3Ghz is on the LTE version while the WiFi only version has dual quads (1.9Ghz & 1.3Ghz)

Dangit, I just bought the 16GB Note 10.1 for $329 from woot yesterday. Much better deal for the 32GB today.

How does this tablet on woot compare to this one?

Ihave the 7 inch one I picked up last year from Woot and it works like a Charm…

I use SKYPE all the time with my 7incher and it is Awesome@!@!@