Samsung Tablets

The 12.2 tablet offered in this deal has been one of the worst tablets I have owned.

It’s stuck at 4.4.2 (Kit Kat) which has some serious limitations regarding SD cards. As in you can’t write data to them when inside the tablet. Here’s a scenario that will not work. Plug in the tablet via it’s USB3 cable and try to move data to the SD card from your host computer. Nope. You can’t do that. You have to take the card out and then get it into your computer and then write data.

This tablet has really poor battery life. It is not commensurate with other tablets of it’s size. I get at most 3 hours out of the device (this is reading comics.) Playing games or browsing you get a max 1.5 hours of usage. You will need to keep your charging cable handy. It uses a funky USB3 cable which means that you must use this cable and nothing else to charge the tablet. Mine might be a lemon in this department but the warranty is only 90 days and I’m stuck with it now. So I have a really expensive comic book reader.

You can root the device and install a different rom. This only mitigates Samsung’s TouchWiz UI. Which some find painful to use. As of right now I don’t know if a stable port of Android builds past 4.4.2 exist for this device including custom roms. Samsung doesn’t seem to care about this tablet and will probably never update it to 5.0. Which means that soon Apps you get from Google Play will have compatibility issues.

TL:DR It’s stuck at Kit Kat, The battery life sucks, custom roms exist but are all Kit Kat based and don’t really help.

That’s too bad. I like my Note 3 and Note 10.1 (2014). I was hoping the Note Pro would be all that and a bag of potato chips (as in, bigger resolution).

Really? Lollipop is barely out for current devices, of course it isn’t out for the 12.2 yet. And if you can root it, you can install a fix for the SD card. Minor complaints.

The battery life, though, I have no idea. My older 10.1 (not 2014) can run for almost a day and a half without me really playing with it, and it definitely lasts me more than 3 hours even if I do play games or read comics. I think your battery might be just crap, or you’ve got something sucking battery in the background you don’t know about.

I’ve had nothing but problems with my factory reconditioned tablet. It freezes and I have to keep hitting the return button until it finally responds. I will not purchase another refurbished electronic item from Woot or anywhere else again.

I love my Samsung (SM-T210 Galaxy Tab 3 8GB 7.0) tablet from woot. But I lost it. Is the similar one here comparable? It is a “LITE”. Not sure what that means. It’s almost the same price I paid last summer for the tablet. I used the call-out feature that Samsung has but couldn’t find it.

I’ve looked into software being the cause of the battery drain. It’s not an application that is causing it. I think the problem is actually somewhere between my tablet is defective and the screen size/technology uses a lot of battery.

For the sake of brevity, which is hard to believe given the length of my post, being stuck at Kit Kat, specifically 4.4.2, is a major problem. I’m not expecting this tablet to ever get 5.0 Lollipop, in fact, i’m not expecting this tablet to get anything other than 4.4.2. Rooting as you mentioned could mitigate the SD card issue. That just shouldn’t be needed when updates to the OS already exist to fix the issue. This is an abandoned tablet by Samsung. I strongly recommend people look for a different product.

I purchased one of these back in Dec. My battery life is not great compared with iPad, but its many many hours, not days, but non the less, 6-8 hours.

You can charge and sync this with a standard USB 2 cord, you don’t have to use the USB 3 cord. I agree with the SD card file transfer, I cannot do it without taking card out, but that may be that I use a Mac at home…either way, still a massive improvement over have NO SD card.

I rarely have issues with locking up.

If you don’t want to use the S Pen, then get that S Tab pro and save some money. However, I bought this for the pen and really use and like it.

I would buy it again at this price.

Bought a reconditioned 12.2 last time these were available.

Have had nothing but problems with the battery performance. Not charging, quickly discharging.

Currently working with Samsung to fix. Woot wasn’t much of a help since the warranty is through the manufacturer. Samsung won’t outright replace the device, instead they prefer to repair.

I really liked this tablet and now I’m without it for what seems to be at least a couple of months.

Won’t buy another reconditioned tablet on here after this experience. Shame because my previous tablet was a Samsung Tab 8.9 refurb and it worked perfectly for years.

I bought the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 one of the prior times it was on woot… absolutely fantastic tablet once you load it with Cyanogenmod 12 (Lollipop). Zero regrets.

Lost my Samsung Galaxy tab 3, 7"that I got form woot. I love it. What is this “lite” version? Will I still like it as much as the original. I just use it for web surfing, etc.
If you know what the lite means, please let me know.