Samsung Tablets

Got one of the Tab Pro 12.2 tablets in the fall and it had faulty wifi that broke after an OTA update. speeds capped at 30 kbps.

But, Samsung fixed the tablet for me, paid for shipping, and I got it back in a couple weeks. And I effing love the thing now.

Give me two of these, and I promise I will call you in the morning.

I purchased a refurbished Samsung 8" tablet about a year ago on Woot. NEVER AGAIN. The thing can be fully charged and it just konks out. Snooze time. I have to turn it back on, sometimes two or three times within a minute. Lousy battery life.

Some things do well as refurbs but I would not buy a computer or tablet.

I just got one of the 12.2" Tablets and it works great. Major problem is it does not charge when in use, plugged in and when off it charges at the rate or 4% per hour. I would not buy refurbished again.I have tried several different Samsung chargers.

I got the 8.4 and it has been perfect, when reflashed for CM12.

Let’s see if I can necro this thread - my Tab Pro 12.2 just decided to drop into an unending bootloop today (not rooted or otherwise screwed with), will not power down or recharge, and Samsung’s web support claims the warranty expired 7-31-2014. Woot claims it’s a factory refurb, “90 Day Samsung” warranty on the product page, which also says that as a “Factory Reconditioned” item the “original manufacturer stands behind it with a warranty”. Samsung simply says that Woot isn’t an official reseller.

Woot support email has already been sent, but it’d be nice to know if Samsung’s script-monkeys are just screwing up, or if this item doesn’t actually have a warranty.

All computers, regardless of manufacturer, set the initial warranty start date to the date it was manufactured. When you register your computer on the manufacturer’s site, the warranty will be set to the registration date or the date of purchase.

And we are authorized. If you continue to have problems with Samsung, write back to CS and detail your attempts to work with Samsung.

Samsung’s “live chat support” guy said otherwise, and linked a list of authourised online resellers - and no Woot to be seen.

Tablet was activated/registered same day it arrived, 4 April. Right now I’m waiting on the password reset for the Samsung account to be emailed (close to 4 hours now, not sure what’s going on there).

Only other thing Samsung chat offered was opening an out-of-warranty ticket.

Woot falls under the Amazon umbrella of “certified dealer/reseller”.

Still don’t know what’s going on on Samsung’s end there, I finally got a password reset by logging in with the refurb Tab 3 7.0 that I bought last year, also from Woot. (8-10 attempts from their website, including the Samsung rep trying twice? No email.)

Is the Woot packing slip the receipt they want? (I did find the paper copy of the 90-day warranty lol.)

Yes, the woot packing slip. Or your order details with price, etc. should do the trick, too.

Hmmm. Overnight, Woot CS kicked me an RMA label for refund, which is not what I wanted - considering that I love using the thing (and have already bought assorted device-specific accessories), I just want to get it repaired under warranty.

Right now, I’ve filled out and submitted the Samsung online repair request, and I guess we’ll see. (The popup it gave me just said “the file does not exist of the link is bad”, essentially, and there appears to be no record of a service request.)

“Silly funny woot woot
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Apparently not. They (finally) called this morning and rejected as it’s not a bill of sale or purchase receipt.

I can try printing out the order page and send that. Hopefully they’ll get around to looking at it sometime today. (Gonna be heading out on a ten-day road trip on the 16th, be nice if I had the tablet for that.)

Yeah, print out your order details. That should act fine as a receipt. If not, let CS know.

So, it shipped off on the 4th, was received in Plano TX on the 6th, and… just appeared back here today (13th). At no point did the “online repair tracking” update in any fashion, nor was I informed either via email nor telephone (other than the initial “you need proof of purchase” call).

It’s back, it’s flattened to stock but activated…seems to be working, but I can’t really do anything until I can get to some wifi Internet because no apps to do stuff with/no memory card because I didn’t know it was coming back.

At least I have it back before I leave, woohoo!