Samsung Tablets

Anyone know if these are unlocked?

You mean as in the bootloader? These can be rooted, it’s relatively simple and easily found at xda.

Are there even ROMs for these being that these use Samsung’s own Exynos processors? My understanding is that there is very little driver support so developers don’t support them. I’m stuck with a Note 3 with an Exynos processor and regret it.

I meant unlocked for 4G carriers. I want to potentially use this with someone else other than AT&T.

It’s WIFI only. Cheeck model num at

Refurb 12.2 tab pro is currently $50 cheaper from third-party vendors with prime shipping on the big “A”

Don’t know who is refurbishing the tabs over there or here.

Is there a benefit paying more for this tab on woot!?

I’m seeing $20 more on Amazon ($369 vs. $349). Sure you aren’t confusing Tab Pro with Note Pro?

That’s what it is. Thank you for clarifying that.

The Galaxy Tab Pro 12" 32GB is one of the worst tablet purchases I have ever made. Yes the screen is great but the battery life is atrocious. It’s done in a couple of hours of light use. You can forget about leaving it unplugged and sitting idle. Next time you try to use it, it will be dead. It is also stuck with KitKat which has major limitations as in you can’t write to the microsd card without rooting or popping it out and putting it into a reader. My Tab “Pro” also won’t connect to my computer via the supplied cable, or at least not reliably. Maybe I got the one lemon, maybe this is just a terrible product. I’m going with the latter.