Samsung Upconvert DVD Player

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Samsung Upconvert DVD Player
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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It looks a bit like the old RCA pizza box TV antenna.

65 bucks for an upconverting DVD Player? No thanks

Amazon only has 2 stars for 60 customer reviews. Not a good sign!

Sorry but BOOOOOO

Would be cool for presentations…Very portable.

$60 on Amazon (NEW) w/ free shipping

and cheaper at amazon too

No remote either.

Is it me or is this wootoff going by at warp speed?

This deal is even more terrible given the LG upconverting player was $30 earlier.

quick someone order the entire stock so we can move on to the next product! I have yet to get something!

“Quality Post”

Great… This is the thing they prob have 100 of… :frowning:

First time Wooter here, and man that was a sprint. Items popping off with a quickness. Man I’m hooked!

But Amazon has $11.85 shipping, so Woot has total cost less… if you actually wanted it.

I hate buying stuff I don’t need.
Good thing this wasn’t it.

Heck yeah it is! I for one am glad for this thing being up. This fast pace is bad for my pocketbook. It needs a breather!

state of wooting no union