Samsung Weatherproof Night Vision Camera

Since you can choose between having the cable included, or just the camera, it would be good to list the length of the cable somewhere for buyers to make a more educated decision. I didn’t see it listed anywhere, did I overlook it?

Does this run on a battery or does it need to be wired into the house’s electrical system?

Per the vendor:This needs to be wired for power.

What else is needed to make this work? Or does it just plug into a standard video plug?

Do you need the bnc cables

If you don’t already have the BNC cable from something else you will need the cable.
I have been slowly upgrading my cameras to full 1080p HD but because of all the upgrades over time I have quite a few cables around from other cameras I no longer use.
That sounds like fairly low resolution after finally installing some true HD cameras but it depends on your budget and what you really need to be able to see I spose.
I can now read license plates in my driveway and clearly see faces compared to even the better 900tv cameras I added, which were greatly improved resolution wise but not full HD.
The price is certainly good enough just make sure it will meet your expectations and will work with your setup.

Per the vendor: BNC cable is need to operate. The option with the cable is ready to go. Plugs into BNC connection.

I just got my cameras in, they look pretty. However, I ordered the ones with BNC. There was no BNC cabling in the box at all. Should I contact customer service or what?

Yes. Please get in touch with CS. They should be able to help you. You can use the Support Form linked at the top of the page to contact them.