Samsung Wi-Fi All-Share Cast Hub

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Samsung Wi-Fi All-Share Cast Hub
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I researched this a couple of months ago when I was looking for a wireless solution to display content from my Samsung phone on a TV. Even the Samsung store reps at Best Buy were down on this product and recommended a wired solution. They said Samsung had a new version in the works that would address the issues with this one.

Sooo… this appears to be a Miracast/Wi-Di receiver…?

…which is nice. But you sort of already get that with a Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, or Roku – and many of those are smaller and cheaper, too.

Nope… I can’t quite see why you’d go for this right now.

My brother has this and it works great to show what is on your phone screen on your TV. My Chromecast is more limited and slower. For example, when I try to screen mirror my web surfing laptop’s YouTube on my TV, there is serious lag. On my brother’s AllShare not only can you see anything on your phone, the homescreen, any file or app or browser content, but everything is nearly instantly sent to the big screen.

I have tried a few times to buy a used All Share off Amazon for about $30 and I receive a email on delivery day saying the device was not available.

I have a chromecast, can anyone tell me how this is different or what this brings to the table that I don’t already have with the Chromecast?

It costs a lot more…

I own this, did not pay what woot is asking for. I paid a little bit cheaper. This is amazing, love it with my s5. Take it with me traveling and stream movies off my phone. I love mine, never gives me any problems.

I have both. (Disclaimer: I wrote the Chromecast FAQ on XDA Developers)

Chromecast often gets a bad rap because Google encourages you to put it close to the TV which is a TERRIBLE place to get a WiFi signal.
Move the Chromecast father from the TV electronics by using a side port or using the included HDMI Extender or a longer one and you’ll get much better results.

Back to the comparison…

  • Both do screen mirroring
    – AllShare Cast Share wireless hub (ASCWH) requires Android 4.2 with screen mirroring support
    – Chromecast requires Android 4.4.1 for screen mirroring and a supported device though many uncapped devices work (like my Galaxy S3) with the help of Mirror Enabler
    – ASCWH applies overscan at least on my devices, so you can’t see the edges of the screen. I couldn’t find a way to change this.
    Chromecast does not apply overscan as far as I can tell.
    – Under ideal conditions hope looking at about a 0.5 second delay between device and TV
    – Both use 2.4 GHz wireless band
    – Chromecast sends via the wireless AP, ACSWH uses WiFi Direct because that’s how Miracast works
    – In either case screen mirroring requires that your device (tablet or phone) be running and playing the content. What’s on your device screen is what you see on the TV. Useful for Skype.

  • Chromecast can act as its own streaming client in apps that support it. That means I can start playing a YouTube or Netflix video on the TV and go check my email or surf the Web while the video continues to play on the TV.
    I can even reboot or turn off my phone. Also means you can play 1080p on the TV even if your device is lower resolution.

  • Chromecast requires Internet access and a WiFi Access Point *even for screen mirroring *. It also does not work on networks that use AP isolation or require login, user agreement acceptance, etc which includes most public and hotel/venue networks. You can get around this by using your own router.
    ACSWH doesn’t need Internet access or a WiFi access point.

  • Chromecast can use HDMI-CEC to automatically turn on the TV (if it has power when the TV is off) and switch the input of your TV supports CEC (aka Bravia Link, Viera Link, AnyNet+. ACSWH doesn’t seem to be able to do that and it’s a feature I miss. Nothing like sending a video to the other room and having it already going when you get there. :slight_smile:

  • Big G forces updates on Chromecast, you can’t postpone or refuse. This means if they break something you’re screwed until the next update. Unless your Chromecast is rooted - research ** before** you set up if you want root, it’s non-trivial because of the forced updates.
    ACSWH updates come from the phone or tablet so you can ignore or delay, not that they’re frequent or seem to have broken anything.

  • Chromecast has issues with some 720p TVs and AV receivers. Not sure if ACSWH has the same.

So in summary, Chromecast can do more than just screen mirroring, but has more restrictions on using screen mirroring.

ASCWH may be a better option if you only want screen mirroring and have non KitKat devices. Our if you want to use it while traveling like someone else mentioned.

I can see using this to get my phone vidio on my TV like I use my WD live for viewing and hearing content from desktop or Vudu, Netflix etc from my Samsung player or Amazon content from my Amazon Fire Stick. I just don’t have anything on my phone I care to broadcast. I have watched one movie with my fire stick since I first got it. The Samsung toy would end up like my Iomega ScreenPlay…just sit unused. What fantastic stuff do people have on a cell phone that needs to be on a big screen? I have a Dane-elec media streamer that can stream movies from a 64gb SD card to phone tablet or notebook. It is a cool gadget but silly too. I never use it.

Mainly convenience for checking videos/photos you just shot without transferring first, or Skype on big screen so you can use your back camera. I used to watch streaming on demand from my cable provider but I can do that from my DVD now.

So there’s Chromecast, Miracast, and this Samsung doo-hickey. The Chromecast seems to be cheaper and work with more devices, but maybe not as fluid as a Samsung only solution. The Samsung only works with Samsung devices. I ended up with a Miracast as that also works with my laptop along with my smartphones and tablets…BUT it’s really clunky. Still waiting for a better solution. Been waiting for a long time!

I already have Roku’s for all my tv sets. Could I use this when I go to my mom’s house to connect to her tv and watch Netflix from my Galaxy S3 without needing a router or modem to stream through? If I understand correctly, my phone streams to this device and displays on her tv? Thanks in advance, sometimes I am electronic gadget challenged.

Yes, that’s exactly the kind of situation this device is perfect for. Assuming it works well at what it’s supposed to :blush: I prefer using the MHL feature on my HTC One, however…I don’t know if Samsung phones support that but I believe they do. I found wired connection better for movies but less convenient if I want to access the phone a lot as I have to sit closer to the TV. Google MHL if you don’t know, in case that helps.

Yup,nothing beats wired. No wireless latency, no compression/decompression… but you’re on a leash.

Samsung devices support MHL ** but ** is confusing because Samsung had either a 5 pin or 11 pin Micro USB connector depending on the model. Then there’s MHL 1 vs 2…

Check here to be enlightened or confused

Technically this is Miracast on the inside, but Samsung-ized.

If you have a Samsung TV it may already have this functionality built in, so check first.

Thanks, I believe I’ll try this.

That was one of the all-time best forum posts I’ve ever seen and helped me realize how to better use the Chromecast I already own. Thank you!

I loved this product . . . the first time . . . when it was called Chromecast . . . and cost me 15 dollars less. :slight_smile: