Samsung Wireless Charger & UV Sanitizer

Samsung Wireless Charger & UV Sanitizer

Funny how Woot keeps reposting this with the bogus “made by Samsung” claim.

Fortunately, @Wooter277674486 posted proof last time:

I never did get that apology.


It’s the same model that is sold on Samsung’s official website. Do you think Apple “makes” everything themselves? There is a reason that everything Apple says “Designed in Cupertino.” Because… it wasn’t made there or by them or in the USA at all. This is a semantical issue. This sanitizer was designed for the Samsung brand to be sold by them.

At what point do you consider something purely Apple or Samsung when their components are sourced from multiple manufacturers and somebody else assembles it as well (does Foxconn ring a bell)? IMHO you don’t deserve an apology. You can think about how much major brands slap their label on something that someone else built entirely instead and where your argument can even really begin or end.

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No, they specify exactly what they mean by “designed for Samsung” right on the package: it’s merely “compatible with” Samsung.

Apple is different; they don’t manufacture anything themselves besides software. Samsung manufactures in dozens of industries.

Samsung manufactures and sources a lot of parts from other manufacturers as well. Apple doesn’t manufacturer anything really. It’s subcontracted out, just like this. The point of something being by/from/for or any other preposition comes down to nuance when the subcomponents are ultimately sourced as well. If manufacturing and assembly defines that for you, then what is truly even an Apple product (hardware)?

It’s the paradigm of the consumer. Being that not one whole product is actually made or designed by either Apple or Samsung, means that it’s arbitrary where you draw the line of what deserves to be called that brand’s product. Since Apple doesn’t manufacture or assemble anything, why is Samsung getting any flack by people?

Samsung sells this on their site. Apple doesn’t make anything but slaps their name on it and sells it everywhere. So, saying that any product is wholly one brand’s is a semantics. Using this argument against Apple negates every hardware product they sell. This is a weird hill to die on from someone working in hardware dev for 13 years. But I can’t understand every consumer either.

Anyone know the inner dimensions? Will it fit a Pixel 3 XL?

Your phone, the Pixel 3 XL dimensions are 158 x 76.7 x 7.9 mm.

The Samsung S20 Ultra dimensions are 166.9 x 76 x 8.8 mm.

It may fit and be a tight squeeze.

What is the warranty on this product? I’ve read a few reviews where the product stopped working after 5 weeks and the customer was screwed. It should be more than the typical 30 day return policy amazon offers. Thanks.

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Right there in the features.

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Does this work with the galaxy buds live?

Hi there. Charging? I’m unable to find any info on whether or not this will work with the buds.