Samsung Wisenet 1080p HD Smartcam w/ 16GB Micro SD Card

Samsung Wisenet 1080p HD Smartcam w/ 16GB Micro SD Card

Hi there, can extra cameras be purchased ? Are these outdoor and indoor?

Hi. These are indoor cameras as they are not weatherproof.

Will this camera work with 5g WiFi?

Per this Q&A on Amazon, yes…

Recently bought a cheaper knock-off and could not connect it to an unsecured wifi network (at work). It requires a network with a password. Then I realized they can’t always connect if there is an authentication page to click on an open network.

Anyone know if this camera can connect to an unsecured network and get through the click to agree to terms homepage step?

Not likely. Even if you could set it up to work once, there is likely a time period that would require the terms to be clicked again to continue usage.

Does not work on Chrome, Opera, Safari, or Firefox. You can’t even create an account if you are using these browsers. Website pop up says they recommend Internet Explorer. It’s okay if you want to use your phone, but I wanted to be able to access it from my desktop. Currently waiting for response from customer service. I advise not purchasing this if you are hoping to use it on a desktop machine.

Found out from CS that Internet Explorer is the only browser that works for this camera on desktop machines.

Hi there. We hunted the internet.

There was an article saying that it works on IE, Chrome, and Firefox, but Chrome and Firefox only support the Lite versions.

We’re adding this to the listing.

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I notice it mentions both SD card and WiFi. Does that mean the SD card is the only way to save video and WiFi is only for viewing live? As in, there’s no way to save over WiFi?

Hello! Correct, video is only saved via the card.