Samsung Wisenet Indoor Smartcam Multi-Packs

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Samsung Wisenet Indoor Smartcam Multi-Packs
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The description is a bit misleading. PoE is Power-over-Ethernet, and the specs show:

Input Voltage/Current
PoE(802.3af, Class3)

but right above that is:


I had to go find the Amazon Q&A for it.

"Question: None of the photos show an ethernet cable, but the title says PoE. Where is the port???

Answer: I have seen this question answered before on other web sites the description is not accurate. There is none on this model."

Can these be hooked up to a NAS?

Storage of events and video are local…on a chip. But accessible from your phone.

Works great for us

Seller here. This unit had an outdoor variant that had a PoE adapter. This could be why the PoE is still in the title.

To our knowledge, no. But let us know if you do! We’d love to hear about it.

It’s not listed on either the Synology or QNAP websites as being compatible with their software. Doesn’t mean it won’t work, just that it’s not plug and play.

I’ll add I’m fighting trying to get a similar camera (Samsung SNH-V6410PN) working via QVR Pro on a QNAP NAS without much success so far.

Sorry for the confusion! Per vendor’s answer I’ve removed the PoE references.

Claiming 130° angle of view seems deceptive. I think most people think horizontal, not diagonal, when considering angle of view.

That is horizontal.

Would really depend on how you place the line. If you hang the IP cam sidewise-ish like spider man I guess it would be diagonal…

I just want to be sure . . . I buy this camera, connect to my wi-fi, download the app and I’m good-to-go? I don’t need any other device besides a wi-fi router?

Yessir. This unit will connect out the box to your router.

You may need to purchase an SD card if you want to store the footage however.

Angular Field of View (D/V/H) 130°/63°/113°