San-tool Claus Is Coming To Town

Harbor Freight gives them away for free.

soooo the Whetstone 25-TD614 Stone Wash Tactical Rescue Knife – is that a good knife? no reviews on amazon…but I saw it was sold at staples which seemed weird! Looking for a tactical knife for a stocking stuffer, Help! :slight_smile:

Nuff said!

These are from China, those are also.

Your choice.


Eh the drill doesn’t seem like such a good deal. HF drill is like $17 or so right now.

Is Woot calling Santa a TOOL???

The decoy security camera - looks like it has a red LED in it. Which means it needs a power source (probably an internal battery) - however this is not specified in the description. Any one know? Thx.

affirmative and the magnet does work…3 function button ON front OR ON top Or OFF

Looks like it does have a red LED. On Amazon for $19.95

or $11.20

or $7.20