SanDisk 128MB & 802.11b WiFi CompactFlash Card


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WOOTASTIC!!! ™ :wink:

I don’t care what anyone says that was a great little knock around camera for the price. Anyway, today is another great example of why WOOT continues to get flooded with traffic.

Nice Combo!!! Get wireless and have some extra space!

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SanDisk 128MB & 802.11b WiFi CompactFlash Card
Memories…light the corners of your notebook PC…
$19.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

We can neither confirm nor deny that SanDisk is Spanish for “St. Disk.” But maybe it should be, because they’ve managed a bit of a loaves-n-fishes stunt with this wee marvel.

The next time you’re in a Wi-Fi-equipped coffee house, library or gentleman’s club with your non-WiFi-equipped laptop or PDA, just click the SDWCFB-128-768 (catchy name, huh?) into the appropriate slot (see below) and hang ten on the Supermation Infohighway (no more parenthetical asides, we promise), saving up to 128MB of perfectly legal downloads (OK, just this one more).

You got your Flash memory in my Wi-Fi capability! No, you got your Wi-Fi capability in my Flash memory! Two great features that feature great together!

This item may not be compatible with newer pocket PCs, but if you’re one of those Diamond Jims who insist on strutting down the avenue with your fancy new pocket PC like you’re God’s gift to the intarweb, you deserve only our scorn anyway.

Condition: New, Retail
1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Frequency Band/Spectrum: 2.4GHz / 802.11b
128MB flash memory
Up to 11Mbps high speed data transfer rate
Battery optimized for lowest power and highest performance
Powerful and easy to use security feature makes WEP encryption easy
Extends the memory and brings new functionality to the device
Single slot solution - can be used as memory card or Wi-Fi card to store and move files
Free PC card adapter for laptops
System requirements:
PDA: PocketPC 2002 and PocketPC 2003
Laptop: Windows Me/2000/XP
CompactFlash Type I and PC card slots



Decent but unnecessary for me.


wOOHOO first page, nice woot


got 3


This is interesting. not Wireless G though. :shock:[b] - The Best Deals & Coupons around

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What’s the point of this woot?!? Seems kinda lame… :o


would take it but no G.


so, does anyone know if this works on linux?


Not G and really doesn’t compare to using a 4GB CF HDD.

Not bad for someone who needs it, but not a great item…


Bought it instantly.



got 2. :lol:


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These are great. I use one with my Ipaq. Unfortunately, I don’t need another one.


Good woot! I’m in for one!



OS support for:

• Laptops - ME, 2000, XP
• PDA - PocketPC 2002, PocketPC 2003
Taken from:

I jumped too quick and bought this thinking I could try it on my crappy P100 laptop for wireless. The only OS it’ll handle is Win98SE so I guess it’ll be another early bought x-mas gift :slight_smile:


nice little woot here, now maybe I can actually get my wi fi to work! 8)


Eh? Another woot I don’t get…there are financial benefits to not being a geek, I save $$ on all the things I don’t understand!! Just a forest ranger in the woods… :lol:


Where’s the contest thread?! I need to go to sleep and dream about ideas :smiley:


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