Sandisk 128MB Memory Stick Pro 4-Pack



haha, i wanna but i don’t have anything that takes them.


condition: New
product(s): 4 Sandisk 128MB Memory Stick Pro
$0.01 + $5 shipping


12 for me!
I wish i had something that could use these…


I have no Idea why I bought three 4-packs of these as I don’t have anything that takes memory sticks.


dont really need one but know i have 12.


wow, are these things really that out of date where they have to give them away?! I would order some, but I have absolutely zero use for them


Well, it’s certainly economical, if you don’t mind switching sticks a lot.


buy 3 and it’s a 12fer!


I already bought too many of these from woot, Twice!
but in 512 flavor. 128? no, thanks.


Oh joy… 4 tiny memory sticks that won’t work in any of my equipment. Oh no wait! I do have a memory card reader that works with these!


Hmm, with 12 of these you could give these out on halloween. Just hope your house is eggproof. Passing on these tonight hope the penny sale continues into the week.


What can I use these for? WHAT! lol


Haha… what uses memory stick?


I came, I saw, I thought for a second or two then I wooted. WOOT WOOT WOOT
Good deal :smiley:


No reason to buy them. And I almost did anyways.


lol, I too don’t know why I wanted 12, but I have em


to answer the inevitable question…these won’t work with your PSP


No! I need SD memory today!


26.99 from link

for 1. This seems like a deal. In for 12