Sandisk 1GB Media Player with FM Tuner and Voice Recorder



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Sandisk 1GB Media Player with FM Tuner and Voice Recorder
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Sandisk Sansa c240 1GB Media Player with FM Tuner and Voice Recorder SDMX7-1024-A18

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can you save FM songs onto the player?


this is a c240 1gig not a c250 2gig not a repeat for those saying not this again


Guess the inflatable projection screen or LOOJ gutter robot is next


in for 3


I love the smell of Sansas in the morning! It smells like…woot.


Not Mac compatible… and this time I actually mean it :frowning: wah


I have the 2gb version.
Works really well and is small enough to carry in your pocket. I think they’re really nice.


These are great voice recorders…quick and easy to use…I keep on in the car all the time.


I wish it was a repeat actually, I was half-a-second too slow yesterday… and I need a new gym mp3 player… but 1gig is too small!


Are any Sansas actually sold in physical stores? Or are they all pre-broken at the factory, refurbed and exclusively sold in woot-off offerings?


The FM is the most desirable part of it. A lot of gyms use FM to broadcast TV audio so you can listen to the different channels.


something worthwhile woot. pa pa pa please


what’s the quality of the FM signal? how sensitive is it to bends and twists in the earphone cord?








I have two of these. I like them. Good battery life. Just replace the ear buds.


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