SanDisk 1GB MP3/WMA Player with FM Tuner and Voice Recorder



yay! woot off is back!


Whoo Hooo!!! I’d never have thunk that I would have been first for any of these posts!!!

But I got it!!!

I can die a happy man!


SanDisk 1GB MP3/WMA Player with FM Tuner and Voice Recorder
$29.99+ $5 shipping
1 SanDisk 1GB MP3/WMA Player with FM Tuner and Voice Recorder


Darn it, this sh!t flew


Thank god, I thought that other woot would never end lol.


This sold out BEFORE the forum was even up!!!


Yay! I got 3 as Xmas gifts.


For anyone that didn’t get has their refurbished ipod shuffle in and out of stock constantly for 29.99.I got in on two this morning with free shipping.I don’t know a whole lot about these items so if its not comparable sorry.


1 post before it sold out?

I have the 256 and it great so I got another.



woohoo in for 1 :slight_smile:


wow that was a fast 6 minutes


Old tech

Be careful not to be the bozo that was too cheap to buy an iPod when stuffing stockings with this chowder


got a couple of referb’s from here. My daughters killed them in a week. I’ll just stick to an ipod. the girls ipod is going strong after a year!


Cool…my friend just gave me 50 to get him a mp3 player… This will do, saves me 15 and also got one for my gF.


Oldest living president!


Hell, this sold out before I could get Woot to refresh for me! Bummer, would have been a great gift for the kids…


I picked up the 512MB version of this during the last woot off, excellent little player at a fraction of the price of iOther iMP3 iPlayers iThat iShall iGo iUnamed. If I’d known the 1GB version was coming up this time, I may have waited. Then again, maybe not. I’m happy with it. Now if only it had an expansion slot for a memory card, it would be just that much better.


Another reason you’re not that sorry to lose this is that the interface is really atrocious compared to iPod. I got a refurbed 512 a while back and it only works halfway.


Woot! Got one for my kid! No $250 iPod he’ll just scratch up and lose thankyouverymuch!