SanDisk 32GB microSD Memory Card

SanDisk 32GB microSD Memory Card
$7.39 add-on :stuck_out_tongue: or for $1.55 more you can get a 64GB Model

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Cheaper on Amazon. $8.42

I can’t see woot-offs on my app. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

not the same card

Considered this for the kids Fire Tablets but I need 3. Whomp.

I bet they’ll list more soon enough.

One for $7.39

Two Pack for $15.95

Not sure if the “A1” matters…

Yeah there is some major differences in the information transfer when you look at the nicer cards. I wouldn’t spend the money on the cheapest ones, but then again my girlfriend needs the more expensive ones for her super fast, extra large megapixel, camera, photo thingy device.