SanDisk 32GB microSD Memory Card

SanDisk 32GB microSD Memory Card

I’m getting a new Fire HD10 tomorrow delivered… ($75 with prime exclusive and crap trade-in of hd8)… is this worth it? I don’t know if i’ll need it… the fire is 32gb. I do have a lot of ‘movies’… but… well… dunno if this would be recommended or if I’d even use it.

If you’re going to install lots of games OR download video for offline viewing, I would get it. Used to be that you couldn’t install video to the SD card for fire tablets, but that was years ago… This is cheap enough to be better safe than sorry.


a whole 42 cents cheaper than the mothership. but I bought one!

If you don’t pick one up here, you can always get the same thing at Wally World for 85 cents more, plus tax, when you do need one. Maybe their price will drop before that happens.

When you get below $20, it’s hard to get a huge price difference.

I’m not complaining, I’ve been waiting for it to be any amount below 7.41 where its been sitting for months. I’m happy! haha.

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Unless Woot has the crazy pricing specials, which this might have been one of those items that started for $1


LOL. We sell below cost at that price. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve seen the 64gb ones go for 9.99 sometimes, I usually hold out for those for the couple bucks more