Sandisk 4GB Sansa Clip+ with MicroSD Slot

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Not sure about the color, but I love my clip+.

I think I will buy 3 to go with the M6s for gifts etc.

clip+ + m6 + rockbox = pretty decent mobile/workout setup.

woot, how about some 16/32gb micro SD tomorrow :slight_smile:

I have 3 Sansa Clips and have given 8 as presents. Even the die-hard ipod girls in my family have switched to these. My latest was this one and it is FABULOUS. The clip plus is sturdier feeling and good battery life. I’m buying another now.

I’ve been meaning to pick up a Clip+, but I’ll pass on this one… don’t want a purple one.

Maybe next time, definitely a great player.

I have an iPod Touch that i love for all of its great apps.

But for music, I still use my Sansas, including my 4GB Clip+ I bought from Woot. It has great sound, and is practically indestructible. It’s also really small, and weighs next to nothing. It’s rockboxable. I love the microSD expandability too.

In short, it’s everything I want in a mp3 player. My Touch is the jack-of-all-trades. My Sansa is the master of one.

It can even handle the shower.

Hey - you know what they say during Christmas season: Sansa comes only once a year!

Does anyone know what the maximum gb micro-sd card it can take is?

Wikipedia says 32 GB.

Who’s idea was it to put up Sansas the same time as B O C? You could’ve had my money an hour earlier Woot!

In for 3 because they make good backups, and that color is hawt (not like a girly hawt, but a still pretty cool to rock hawt).

As NightGhost said, these are very likely rockboxable.

This means you can install different software (firmware) onto the mp3 player, giving some new features and an improved user interface.

A good price, although i had problems trying to figure out how to play mp4s on it. (still haven’t figured it out) Still a good buy if you just listen to music though.

My 4th Sansa…I love them… this one is my 2nd clip…first one being a 2gig…Now I am just waiting for an 8 gig clip… do they even make them ???

Wikipedia to the rescue again -
“There are 2GB (black), 4GB (black, red or blue) and 8GB (black) models. The Clip+ replaces the discontinued Sansa Clip.”

If it were ANY other color (puce doesn’t count) I’d totally be in for one, but burgundy for me has the unfortunate association of “the Grandma Color.” If my grandma, who absolutely loves burgundy to the point of having her Oldsmobile in metallic paint of that color, had any idea how to operate one of these newfangled contraptions, I’d definitely get her one :slight_smile:

Great little player,in for one more.Older non-plus ones I bought still run fine but one of these days the battery will die or it will just stop working so I must have a backup.

I have this same exact clip and it absolutely rocks. Great sound and the battery lasts for about ten hours. Don’t overlook the “clip” part either. If you are active, this player is super lightweight and doesn’t need to be pocketed or put in a carrying case.

One word of advice though, if you listen to audiobooks or anything else that needs to be played in a specific order, download a free copy of Media Monkey and create m3u playlist files. Otherwise you’ll go nuts.

How to use Rockbox on this model…

Rockbox Latest build for Sansa Plus.
Download it now.

F@#k?! Rockbox what is this?..

how long to recharge this ?

this is a GREAT deal. if i didn’t have three standard Clips already i would be all over it. they’ve lasted almost two years of heavy use and just keep going and going and going. highly recommended