Sandisk 512mb Memory Stick Pro - 4 Pack



Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Sandisk 512mb Memory Stick Pro - 4 Pack
$9.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 4 Sandisk 512mb Memory Stick Pro


great product for this time of year… right?.. don’t you agree?.. and here’s useful linkage w/ CSE links… they’re usually reasonably useful… 4 packs are hot…


Not pro duo so it won’t work with psp amirite?


I can’t believe they still have some of these left!


Got the 256 for 1 cent for four. Much price increase.

Forced to pass.


hmmm. still havent used the other 12 sticks i bought. nothing takes them.


You’re correct, not the right kind for the PSP… these are the old style big Memory Sticks… good for Sony cameras, though, I think.


Buy 3 and then sell on ebay = profit.


that’s not that great actually. 2 gig’s of storage for 15 bucks.


I am going to snatch this up because I have been looking for a quality memory stick for our Sony camcorder. Ahhhh, my first sellout.woot.


2gb for 15 bucks?

seems like a good deal to me honestly.

Too bad I don’t have anything that runs on these. lolz




At a cent i’d have purchased. Well maybe even for 1.99 for four. Need a small shim for under my one desk.

I see no use, if duo maybe.


New Sony cameras need Pro Duo as well. At least the one I got 5 months ago does.


if by any chance the woot gods read this, please do this type of woot again, but with SD cards or at least pro duo.

i think this is a great deal… i just dont have anything that runs on them…


Look at eBay. Not good:

Yes, you can get these for a penny there.



not want. I have no use for this particular card…


would this work for the sansa 2gb mp3 players on woot awhile ago?


with ebay theres a risk of fake cards