Sandisk 512MB MP3 Player with FM Tuner - 2 Pack

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Sandisk 512MB MP3 Player with FM Tuner - 2 Pack
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 2 SanDisk Sansa m230 512MB Digital Audio Player with FM Tuner

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These are good… Got one for my wife.

boooo to the refurb old fashion stuff…

and I wanted an mp3 player :frowning:


i’ll pass, 512mb. please.

I’ve had one of these before. My first mp3 player.

They work very well. Has all the functionality of more expensive mp3 players.

The battery lasts a loooong time. No big bright screen to power up.

Highly recommend.

Well worth the price. Keep the kids from the adult players. No worries if they lose one either.

i got these before, decent mp3 players, the fm tuner… not so good

512??? wont hold much

120 Mp3s. Not bad for a gym workout little player. And at the price you could leave one in your locker at the gym and still have one for the ride home.

I will pass, refurbished…2gb doesnt hold much, thanks woot…Bring on the b@g of cr@p! thanks

I paid $20 for one about six months ago, great price. . . Love the player, but it’s no Zune!

I have one of these and it has done well by me! I beat the crap out of it too… This is a solid buy.

half a gig? I got the 4 gb video Sansa last time round on Woot - it totally rocks.

not bad…lot of people here at work use them. good for the person that doesnt have one / birthday coming soon.

I was really looking for an MP3 player too, just not… 512 mb ones :frowning:

Cheap enough so I went in for 3 (6). Kids will love em, and they’re cheap enough not to worry if they lose them.

512…cmon now…granted its two of them… might be nice if you have people who dont know the diffrence between 512 MB…1024MB…or 2048 MB

This is the MP3 player I use and have been using for a long time! Darn good deal!!! I would highly recommend as well.